Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's so Small Eh?

What's so small? Smallville! Its so small it has small for a name. But then , it's not super small though.

From the Left : Lex Luthor (Cast by Michael Rosenbaum) , Clark Kent (Cast by Tom Welling) , Lana Lang (Cast by Kristin Kreuk)

Like i mentioned in the last post. I never really watched this series. But I started these few days. AND IM ADDICTED! OMG! Although Kristin Kreuk is not as pretty as Dianna Agron. But I like the story really really much. Each episode got new kinds of superpower people. It's so exciting.

Plus, I hear People say Lex Luthor is going to be bad. OMG, He looks so kind. And he's so good to Clark, How can they become Arch Enemies.

And Michael Rosenbaum portraying Lex Luthor is so Handsome being bald. I wanna Look like him when i go bald. And Trust me, I'm gonna go bald this year.

Btw, i've already got 3 seasons of Smallville. And After watching for sometime, i'm on episode 11, Season 1. I'm A FAILURE, For watching so slow. I'm probably the worse series watcher ever.  Somebody Teach me!

Nah, I'm just gonna stick with being a Noob.

Btw, The two songs of Smallville is totally AMAZING!

Save me! It's so totally awesome. But then the front part of the song is so totally not meant for children. =]

I'm so addicted to this song. Its sounds so peaceful. But I like Five for Fighting's, which is the original

BTW, I'm so totally sorry to JHan because I blocked him. Well, He kept asking me stuff about smallville, And wanna get it from me , and wanted me to send the whole file, and kept spamming me when at the same time, I'm watching Smallville. I got fed up and Blocked him. 


Oh My =]

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