Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Leo Business

What did i tell you? LEO IS THE BEST! For me. I can't say Leo is the best for everyone though. Actually it all comes from within you la. Some Freaking Leos from our school ( No offense) JUST WANT SOME FREAKING CERTS! And They can't even be counted as Leo. Freaking Bastards! FYI , We do charity, Not do charity to give out Certs!

But then, I had my fun time with LEOs. Especially during projects. And with the Leos from other Schools. Last Saturday, I attended The IP (International President) 's Banquet. It was fun man! Well... There is this part where our DC Lion Alan scared me. He said , Kui tei zou meh ye gam jing ye? Never mind, Justin tonight gao tim kui tei, Go down south a Justin. (It means, Why are they so quiet? Never mind, Justin tonight go finish them) And the Scary part, Is by finish, he meant use Air Oil to rub on our stomach and makes us suffer. And Believe me, It is Scary.

Well, During the banquet I took a Photo with the IP! And Lots of PDG ( Past district Governors) With our Team IMNC! ROAR!

It's 12.30 when we got to the hotel. KYen made the awesomest joke of the day. 
KYen:I thought Penang got alot of ghost de.
MacTuna: What Ghost?
KYen: Neh, got one story the girl's blood white colour de
Me: Mahsuri
MacTuna:What the hell? MAHSURI IS LANGKAWI! Get the Facts Right!

Yea, Mahsuri is from Langkawi, Not Penang. Yea, I learn alot from MacTuna that day. Especially Geography. Do you know that Perak is the first richest state of all? They got the car first, Thats why Perak car starts from A. Yes. Facts!

When we got to the hotel, ALion Told us to get our butts out at 1.30. To go For Har MEE! We bathed and come out, and went into ALion's room with JBoss. JBoss sat beside VBox, And started rubbing his ass.
JBoss: Ngo hou Tou ngo, ngo yiu sek Har Meen A( I'm really Hungry, I wan to eat Prawn Mee)
VBox: Ngo geh si fatt mg hai Har Meen a ( My Ass ain't Prawn Mee)

We went out to eat Har Meen. I'm like kinda sleepy and unconcious, I think i Kinda sound rude when I talk to ALion. So sorry. I ate that Har Mee until my whole mouth Feel like burning. I'm not really used with spicy stuff.

I got energize at first, But when we got back and lie on the bed. I feel sleepy. So i slept.

The 2nd day is better. We got ourselves up. Checked out. And we went to Old Town for breakfast. Alot of Penang Leos are there. We like, Talk for 4 Hours. There's a few funny part though.
VBox: You like which girl in your school?
Me: I don't
VBox: Why? 
Me: I'm gay
(He turned to JBoss)
VBox: What? What? JBox, li ko self admit, ji kei hai G-A-Y. ( This self admit, He is G-A-Y)
JBoss: Meh a? (What?)
VBox: G.A.Y
JBoss : (Looked at me) Mg gan yiu , ngo tei mg wui Pei si lei. (Don't worry, we won't look down on you)

BTW, I'm Speaking Cantonese In School everyday, so that my cantonese improve, and i can communicate more with my Leo Buddies. 


Oh My =]

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