Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011? New Year?

ITs @)!! . What? Whats @)!!? Look at your KeyBoard! Press Shift and press 2011 and thats what you get.

Yes ! It's a New YeaR! But does it rock? Yea! Totally. No! I lied. On the First day of 2011, i got bit by my dog on both of my thumbs. Why? Both my dog got into a fight, and i tried to separate them by carry-ing the lighter one. Who knows he gives a big bite. I knw theres some problem with the HE part. I like treating my dog as my brother, which makes it a person.
But New Year Kinda ROCKS! When you have your cousin JDude and Y-ish sleeping at your home. We count down ourselves. And watch movies.

Btw, today is Zero's Birthday. Happy Birthday Zero! And guess what? I got feed by my beloved fren Y-neh.
GGG! GIANT IS GOING GREEN! We are not allowed to use plastic bags on every Saturday! This is a good start.... I love GIANT NOW!

Use Less Plastic Bag
No Plastic Bag on Saturday! Aw.... Im so proud of you Giant.
When Me and my dad went to Giant for shopping. Guess What? We did not use any plastic bag at all! Claps.

Btw, did you notice the 'have a nice day :)' part on every post? It's like a slogan. Im gonna change it to 'Oh My :) ' from now on.

Oh My :)

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