Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ten tips on Going Green

GG! What's gg? I've lost? Does gg means i've lost? Your head are full of games, that's for sure. GG is Go Green la. Going green ma. I've talked about being MAD. But i did not told you how to go green. So today i'm going to give 10 example.

1. Do the 3Rs lo. What? You already know that? But maybe the others don't know. So don't be such a crowd and let me continue. 3Rs, reduce, reuse and recycle. Reduce the use of polystyrene and plastic and everything else. But not everything though , some things cannot. Reuse, reuse plastic, reuse cardboards. Reuse as much as possible, but don't reuse food la, u reuse for what? Eat again a? And lastly recycle. Why throw things away? Recycle it. Newspaper, plastic, cardboards and many other things can be recycled. Why throw it away when you can even earn from recycling? So yea! Doing the 3Rs is important.

2. Save electricity. How? Watch less tv, play less computer. That's an easy way. But the thing is, some of us dont even off the tv or the computer or anything else even when we're not using it. So make a change in your life, off your tv, turn ur computer to standby mode instead of letting it on. And another thing is, off the switch and pull out the plugs for charger, electric guitar, fan, radio, etc. You know why? You know? Why? No! It's not because there's an electric demon living in the plug or electric appliance. It's because the elecgtric continues to flow when the plug is plugged into the socket. So we're still wasting electric. So remember, unplugged, if possible.

3. Trees. Go green, so plant trees ma. But it does not have to be trees. Flowers, cactus, plants . Plant plants, plant greenies. Think about the advantages, you could eat them if you plant veges or fruits. It could prevent landslide. But it probably wont happen at your house. Reflect uv rays, i think. And most important, it produces oxygen which males the CO2 percentage decrease. Which decrease greenhouse effect. So plant trees, plant greens, for our future.

4. Car pooooooool....... Yes! Car pool. Do you know that carbon dioxide , soot, and other unhealthy elements are release from the exhaust pipe when the car engine is started. If less car is on the street, less car is turned on. Air pollution will be decreased, green house effect decrease too. We wouldn't want to live with dirty air don't we? What? What if you want too? Is the air in your town polluted? Cause the polluted air probably went into your brain, and you're thinking nuts. No! Of course you don't want to live with polluted air. So car pool, for the air we need.

5. Cycle, or walk, instead of driving. So less cars will be used . You know why? You know?! I mention in the last statement? There's another reason. So that we could save petrol. Petrol is used by us for cars, production of all kinds of things. And petrol will be finished in maybe 50 years? I'm not sure, but believe me, it's decreasing, rapidly. And these petroleum isn't made in a day's time. No! Not in a week too. Not in a month too. And yes! Not in a year too. It takes million of years to make petroleum exist. So cycle or walking for transportation really helps alot . Think about it, you get to exercise too, burn some fats, keep fit too. I know i'm fat! I'm working on the cycling and walking too. So cycle, or walk. It's fun too when there's company.

6. Clean up! What? I'm just a scam to make u clean your bedroom? No! It really is a way to help the earth. Which part? Green house effect. How? CO2 is conserve when you don't cleanup, the stuffiness will absorb CO2 and keep it there. When u clean up, the CO2 is released, and if you make your room neat and clean, no CO2 is absorb, and if you do it daily, there's no chance for CO2 to be absorbed. And think about it, your room will be clean after the clean up. A win-win. So clean up, your room, your house, your school, or maybe your whole city!

7. Become a VEGETARIAN! What? Yes! Of course i'm kidding. No! I'm actually not! Be a Vegetarian. You should look at your face when i mention vegetarian, it's hilarious. Yes, yes. I'm kidding, actually, it's eat less meat. If possible , become a vegetarian, but i will just stick to eat less meat. Being a vegetarian is optional. But don't go telling your mother you're going to be a vegetarian because of me. I don't want to die that soon. Why eat less meat? Save the animals ma. Not exactly going green, but is still important though. Think of the little bunnies. Think of the'cute little cuddling. Okay, maybe it wont cuddle . But think of the animals. Tonnes of animals are extinct because of us human. Ask MR.Manitee. Wait! There aren't any because we've cause them to go extinct. So save the animals.

8. Bring shopping bag to shopping mall to put the things bought into the bag instead of using their plastic bag. I know this is one of the 3Rs,but this is a way to go green too. Use less plastic. For your information, do you know that plastic bags disintegrate in 100,000 years? That's alot of zero's right? So use less plastic

9. Use less polystyrene. How? When you buy food from shops. Ask them to use those kind of paper that is brown in colour that is used to wrap food. Or maybe you could recommend cardboard boxes just like the polystyrene boxes to fill food. Just it is made of cardboard. Penang is using it too... At first it will be very expensive la. But this is all about economics. If people asked for more of these cardboard boxes, eventually it will cost way cheaper. And if less polystyrene is wanted. The price of polystyrene will increase too. ( My DC teach geh :))

10. I know what you're all thinking. Finally, the last one. Yes ! This is the last one for this post. Spread the GG! Don't just go green yourself. Go green, with your family, with your friends, with your cousin, with your neighbours. With everyone you know or you don't you can tell those you don't know if you dare. I'm telling you. Sometimes i tell people i don't know too. I'm not bluffing. Actually it all depends on you. You can do everything in this list, or maybe more than these. Or you could just ignore this post and continue living your ungreen life. Cause it's your choice. But remember! The Earth needs you, and everyone else, and you and everyone else needs Earth more than the Earth needs you. Remember Again! Make A Difference

So.... Go Green. Have a nice day :)

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