Sunday, December 12, 2010


This post contains language that can't be heard by children. And contains tonnes of foul language that could kill bugs just by them hearing it. There's a high percentage you might have the same fate too because of the foul language that might affect your brain and the radiation. And most of what you heard is just nonsense. Have a nice day reading this post.

Fork you! Yes! Fork you! Of course it's a foul language. What do you mean? It's not fork? Oh..... You're thinking about the F word. No i'm not going to use that. That word kills. Using a fork to kill people isn't foul? Well, you're pretty foul then.

You! Yes you! Not you lah, the one beside you. What? There's no one beside you you say?of course there, it's just you can't see it. Nah! He's just ignoring you. Yes IGNORE! You don't like that? No one like that for God's sake. But then those who ignores still ignores, why does they do that? I don't know, i dun ignore. I only get ignored.

Have you ever thought of ignoring someone, or have already ignored someone, or ignore people all the times, or you act chicken-ish? Well, sit you! Yes , SIT on you! You should just die in vain, no i don't mean that, but you should really think about changing. Yes, i really mean it. You should change.

Have you ever think about it. What's the good thing and bad things about ignoring. All i could think of the good things when you ignore is during death. When there's a bomb that is going to explode and destroy the whole town. You have to ignore everyone's existence and shield yourself. You survive, but no one's there to share the happiness of survival. When you're in war, and everyone's dead. If you want to get yourself alive, you have to ignore every surviving soldiers that can't move. And you will be looking at their faces, thinking of their faces yelping for help, and that will might haunt you forever! No kidding. Well, if you don't ignore you will die together and the survival chances is quite low.

But what if you're in a different situation. Let's say you passed someone you regcognize. You can always give them a nod of your head instead of walking away like a big fat ass! You increase your relation with him. And this is something good. Another example. When someone's talking to you, and you ignored him. You might say , i ignored him and he stops talking after awhile. Well... If he's sensitive. He'll hate you forever. I'm not saying i am though. But i really don't like it.

But , yes but. There's a circumstances where ignoring is good. When you are getting bullied by big fat bullies. Try ignoring them, dont give expression of sadness. And if possible, smile .... The best method for everything. If it does not work and those bullies still bullies you. Try the police. The police will help. I think. Or your parents. Or maybe the teachers. Don't kill them by yourself. Remember! No killing. It's guilty. What? I've not kill anyone before. Don't go around telling people fake rumours. I know i killed worms and plants before. But it is not guilty! I think?

So you peepz out there who ignores.... Stop ignoring and start loving.... Yes! Spread the love, to all over the world.

Remember.... I love all of you. :) ( not gay love, or love love. Just spreading the love love)

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