Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race.... Have you ever watched this great race for a TV Show... Believe me or not , IT IS AWESOME! These is Phil, the one who hosted The Amazing Race, He is Awesome, I used to watch it everyday when i was younger. But for now, i watch 2 Amazing Race, The Amazing Race, and The Amazing Race Asia. AND THEY ARE AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!!! I prefer The Amazing Race Asia more, maybe because its located in Asia, where I live. And sorry, Phil, But Allan Wu is Much cooler than you, because he is just as Buff as Ever, Plus he's Singaporean, and he's Chinese(I think) So , i like him more.

For Now, I'm watching the fourth season of The Amazing Race Asia, and I really Admire the Riches. The Malaysia guys are quite cool, but i prefer the Riches more. Jess and Lani is Quite cool too, but I still prefer the Riches. Ethan and Khairie is probably the 2nd team i like. I cant believe i like Phillipines guys more than Malaysia . LOL

If I ever finish my studies, I will surely apply to this Race, and make my cousin or my best fren my partner and win this RACE! YEAH! GO ME!

The Amazing Race Asia has not end yet, so i do not knw who the Champion is. But Hopefully, its the Riches, Im not being all not Patriotic or something, But I really prefer them to win , compare to others.

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