Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Student Exchangee

Today, i woke up at 7 and i was not like yesterday being all cranky. Today, i woke up and feeling quite happy, to tell you the truth. My mum called me to sleep at 1 yesterday, but i lay there and can't fell asleep, I actually lay there for 3 hours. That is damn hard, but i really can't sleep. Today, we are going to the orphanage, Wawasan orphanage of Sitiawan if i'm not mistaken, it is located somewhere opposite of Chung Cheng. The point is i'm quite excited, I just feel that playing with the orphans are quite fun. Today activity is supposed to be on Christmas, but we make it earlier because there is a student exchangee which came from Australia who is living in Lip Leon house. But today, they didn't come because they are busy or something, but we did have fun at the orphanage.

We sang some christmas song when we reach there. And Jun Hao gave us the funniest idea, that is walk around when we sing. So we end up into a pile here and there. After that we played musical chairs, we Leos wanted to let the orphans to have our place. But not all of them are active, I didn't get a place to sit, and they actually gave me their seat. It's like LOL, the only one who is really serious about it are the little childrens. Later, we gave the winners their prize, i could remember the champions name because i sat beside him when we sang the christmas song. After that, we played Eagle catch Chicks, we manage to play the game eventhough there is not alot of space. At last before we went home, we sang 1 last song and they sang their song. And we say our goodbyes. Here's a few picture we took there.

This picture is when we play Eagle catch Chick. I look funny

This is when we played musical Chairs

And this is our big group photo

I went back home at around 11. I washed my Leo T-shirt because i sweat alot when we play Eagle catch Chick. I was supposed to hang all the shirts that are washed that afternoon outside. But i only hang my Leo Tee. And i went to sleep. I slept till 3 o'clock which is the time we should go to Lip Leon's house to help for the farewell party. I did woke up at around 2.30, i used the computer for awhile and i went to sleep again. When it is 3 o'clock, i woke up and went to have a bath. Not long later my sister's friend came and we went off to Lip Leon's house together. When we reach there. I was amaze by his house, so BIG and BEAUTIFUL. So unfortunate, that's not my house. We walk to the kitchen and i saw Lip Leon having his tuition by his aunt, which is also our school teacher, Yin Chien's mother

After reaching the kitchen we walk outside which is his dining room outside. Jun Hao and Huey Pei are already there. They were squeezing lime, the lime is humongous! And the student from australia is sitting there. And he is just sitting there, doing nothing... He did chop the seed of the lime, does that count as doing something? Later on me and Jun Hao went for a big search to look for Lip Leon. I suggest looking for him upstairs because just now his aunt said that he might be upstairs. So we walk upstairs, and didn found him anywhere. At last we found him, lying on his massage chair . We are all working and he is relaxing. We washed the grill. Then me and Jun Hao took a walk around his house, and , you should really look at his dog house, even bigger than my room man. By the way, Lip Leon make his dissapearing act again when we are washing the grill.

Later that night, me and Junhao started the fire too. And we succesfully start the fire. Tell you something... Jun Hao actually cooked 2 pieces of chicken for an hour.And one of it is for me, LOL. I kept drinking the lime water and i feel sick, because of too much of lime i think. When we finish eating, we went to a place in Lip Leon house which i can't state because i don't know what they call it. And the Student Exchangee told us about his hometown and his life. Then we took a photo and went back. Oh yeah, I found out how to make salad. All you need is Cabbage and carrot and lot of lots of mayo, and some salt and sugar, and lemon... But the salad taste bad, too much salt i think.

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