Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling Bad

Today, I was supposed to go to Pangkor with the leos, because there was an exchange student which came to Sitiawan, an Australian if i'm not mistaken. And today is the day we will be going to accompany him to Pangkor to play one whole day. I was supposed to go for two people who was supposed to go said they don't want to go. So my sister told me to go, I rejected the offer at first, but my sister said that i must go because there wasn't enough people. So i accepted that offer.

I packed my bag, and even filled my bottle so that i don't need to rush in the morning. It was going so well.

Today, i was woken up by my sister, and it was 6.50.I suddenly got all cranky because i want more sleep. I don't know why i would tell my sister that i don't want to go. I was quite excited the day before. Then my sister was so angry she said that i don't need to go in a angry voice. I lie on my bed, then suddenly i don't feel cranky anymore. And i said i wanted to go already, but my sister has already told someone that im not going, and if i want to go she need to tell her again. She didn't refuse to call, but i was so upset i said i don't want to go again. And i went to sleep. At first i can't sleep, but after my sister left i fell asleep.

I slept till 4 o'clock in the afternoon. This is actually the first time i slept so long. I feel awfully bad. I wish i do not have problem waking early.

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