Friday, December 18, 2009

Con job JB and Jalan Imbi KL

People with talents but use it for wrong purpose. What a pity or rather, no need to pity!

Such beggars can be found too on road before the custom checkpoint at JB.

Along Jalan Imbi in KL, there's a guy with a horrific looking open leg wound sprawled out at the bottom of the pedestrian footbridge linking to Berjaya Times Square. There's a piece of newspaper with some coins and ringgit notes on it, probably to entice generous Malaysians and other passer-bys to make some kindly contributions.

I was wondering then how one could allow such a wound to fester and not do anything about it.. I also thought it strange that with such a tempting wound, there were no flies buzzing around.

NOW I know why and how! Everything is CRYSTAL CLEAR!

So the next time you visit a pasar malam or elsewhere, do not allowed yourself to be fooled by these con-artists!

material - red ink, cotton pad,white glue, tooth p ick (tiny sticks).. cotton wool, if no red ink you can use animal blood

Use white glue to create the wound surrounding

wait for the glue to dry

Use tooth pick to create the wound area

Use a dishwasher pad to spread the extra glue

Use little drop of red ink to create the outside scratched area

When dry, use cotton pad with red ink (not too much) to strengthen the surrounding scratched area

Use tooth pick to spread the glue to create the broken skin

Use red ink to put at the inside of the glue

Some place with more and some with less ink to make it look more real. Wait to dry


I wouldn't mind paying him the $20 for such good con artistry !

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