Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hack games = Revenge?

It has been 2 weeks or so since that arguement between me and Max ended. I took it out of my mind as easy as pie, for i am not a person who cares really really much. And i've been having some really good days since then. I have no worries at all... Well, i do have some, because my mum got a new phone! And whenever she calls someone, the internet will disconnect automatically. If i would have played dota every hour, my name would be bad. So i can't play with strangers, but my friends. Even my friends got quite fed up with my internet connection. Actually if no one uses the phone, i wouldn't disconnect easily, but my sister and mother are always using the phone. So i am the one who is the most unfortunate. Plus, everytime they make a call. I will disconnect. Even when they finish the call, i will disconnect too. I've been begging( I really mean it) my mum to change the phone, and the computer for it is as slow as ever. But the only answer i get is no, or not even an answer.

I'm totally off topic, never mind. I will explain about my topic.

Ever since i started playing Happy Aquarium, i've been wanting the high level fish, for it is so beautiful. But after a few month of playing, all i reach is level 28, and my goal is level 45. To tell you the truth, I'm not really a patient guy. So i did some research about hacking Happy aquarium. And i found out that cheat engine is really easy to use. So i decided to hack some other games. And i gave Country Story a try because my pal, Ngoi Kuan Yong, told me that Country Story is quite fun. So i hacked lots of thing in it, like unlimited energy, unlimited water to water the crops. This is the few hacks i found out at first. And the last hack i found out is unlimited stealing hands, this is quite useful, because every one time i steal a crop, it will give me two amount of that crop plus i get 1 exp. So i could make a really really good start, because i could increase five levels in a day at first. To tell you the truth, that is really alot. So i hacked everyday to get the exp. Till one day they update the game and remove the plus one EXP, and the last people i hacked is probably Max there, for that is the first time i saw his crops ready to harvest. So i stole around 700+, i know that really is alot but, it is the last time, that's what i thought. Unfortunate for me , i hacked at the wrong time. Because the day i hacked is after the arguement between me and him.

To tell you the truth, I really am unfortunate, because he is quite a 'small gas' guy. For he posted tonnes of post regarding that arguement. And he said that i steal his crop because i lost the arguement, actually i didn't lost neither did i win. And the same goes to him. But that's not where my anger came from. It actually came from his last second post. Which is my conversation with Suk En and Samuel. We are just talking normal things and joking but some of the topic is about Max asking me out to make a discussion. Yet he say that i thought he is going to 'An Suan ' me and use violence( i dont know the word , you can always go to his blog here). Furthermore, when we were quarreling, he is the one who kept asking me to delete the post. But we didn't , and now he is busy asking people if he is right. And posting every positive comment he gets. I just don't get it. My friend Ting Hui told me that he is just too rational, and to disipline. Well , I agree with a 100%.

Well, i think he is never going to think through, and he will make my name as smelly as a sock that someone have been wearing for a year. And i just wish he is going to stop blaming people especially my sister...

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