Tuesday, December 8, 2009


This morning , i woke up at 7, because i am going out with my friends to play basketball. I waited for my friend because we are going together. But after an hour of waiting, he still didn came yet. I was thinking that this activity is canceled. I even called his handphone a few times. So i played the computer while watching the tv. When i was about to finish my game, he came. I was rather happy for i get to go and exercise once in a while.

I rushed out and grab onto my bicycle and we start cycling. We reach Astaka not long later, but our friends are already playing with someone else, so we walk to the other basketball court and play. But not long later , my friends finish their game and we walk back to the court to play with them. I am really happy for i have been staying at home for weeks. After playing basketball, we even went to play at the playground. We even saw a cute puppy, and a boy who keeps scolding bad words eventhough he is still a small boy. After those running and jumping, I am exhausted.

Me and my friends went to a coffee shop and eat there. Unfortunately for me, i dont get to it . For i bring no money, so one of my friends pay for my chinese tea...XD

After that we went home, but before we went home, they told me they will be playing on wednesday. Yeah another day to work out.

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