Monday, November 30, 2009

2009 Grandma's Birthday

Like the topic, a few days ago me and my family plus a few relatives of mine celebrated our Grandma's birthday... Actually, our grandma's birthday is already over, but we celebrate it a little late... On the day of the celebration , it is actually my cousin Sze Jin's birthday. On that day we bought 2 cakes, we ate Sze Jin's cake in the afternoon, and my Grandma's cake at night. On that day, i had a haircut too. Because we are bringing my cousin to get a haircut, my mum ask me to go and cut too... By going to that shop i had my hair cut for RM20, I rather go cut a Rm 5 haircut.

It was fun having my cousin come back from KL and Singapore , but they left yesterday and the house seems to be alot quiet. My cousin in Sitiawan, Jessica, went crazy over the Korean series ' Boys Over Flower'. Haha I used to go crazy over that show too, but i can control myself

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