Sunday, November 29, 2009

World war at facebook

These few days, there was a world war at facebook. But there is actually only 2 members that fight, Me as the Joker side and Sin Yang as the Attacker side. I said that i am on the Joker side for i joke with whitney at first... And Sin Yang the Attacker side, for he attack me with his so called 'justice'.

A few days ago, I was joking with whitney... quite happy , for we joke about throwing things at Sk Lee, our diciplinary teacher. But, that didn't go so well, for Sin Yang or Max there was going all over his justice thing. It is not even justice, it is like my sister is a prefect and i must obey the rules for my sister... What bullShit... So with my motto ' never not answer someone who talks to you' I answered him back. By telling him that i am i, my sis is my sis and someother else... but no.... he gotta tell something about his so called justice.... and by calling those that are hard and fierce are rubbish... I really got angry for this, for he is somehow insulting me too... He said that these ' rubbish ' of the school should be BUANG! No way... i think they should just correct themselves... And come on man.... Those that are hard and fierce... the whole world has hard and fierce ppl all over the world. So, all of them are rubbish? Well, i just kept answering because of that motto... I could eliminate that motto... but that is just not my way, so i continued answer him and telling him that he was wrong, but he wont admit it... instead he said i was the one who was wrong... Samuel then helped me, so he called Hong Le... Zzz that guy? I dun't even expect a damn from him... He kept saying, do u knw our situation, stating that he only saw Sk Lee demerit those that are soft de student... Bull Shit... i answered that i saw teachers demerit those that are fierce and hard too... i was quite upset... so i write something in another place... stating something about peace.

After that i continued the conversation and whitneys comment box... Suk En then say some things that are all in chinese(lazy to state) but quite reasonable.... cause she said that both of us are wrong but they are more wrong for calling ppl rubbish... But no.... they still say they are right...

The next day, i woke up and i saw a post... not just at whitney but at my status too. He recomment back again... and was even worse... my cousin sister commented one before him, so i was really guilty for letting my cousin's email filled with tonnes of email. But i did apologize, but all he did is just making me look bad... so I answered him back... at last he apologize, I dun really knw why, but before that he insist he wan to meet me.... I was scared at first but later when he say he wanted to come my house, I was furious. I told him all my relative is at my home, but he insist. Well so i said come then, but dun disturb my family. But after waiting for 2 hours, i got sick about that, and there is only another hour left to the time i will be going to the cinema. Later that night Kwong Yew helped me .

Oh yeah before that my sister wanted to help me and she types somethings. I dunt really knw... If you want to see the whole conversation go to these website, the first one is whitneys , 2nd is mine , and third is my sis :

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