Thursday, November 26, 2009

Optical illusion

Today, i dont know what got in me, but i am totally in to optical illusions today... and i found a website full of it, i would have continue reading it... but my computer got jammed. I guess i will post some of the illusion i really like.

This first one is said to be taken by NG , NG isn't not good but national geographic . It is said that the animals are camouflaging . But there is also a prey which is located somewhere.... Spot it yourself....

The second picture was looks like someone laying dead or something, but actually it is another picture... well, when u see it, you cant avoid it.

In this picture, it is the word victory. But i would not like to receive this if i really won for it has another word in it.

This picture is kind of like a moving picture... i focus on the black hole and found out they are somehow moving.

Well, this picture is really really really hard to spot... to tell u the truth it is not a painting , what can u see in this picture... well try guessing it...

This 2 photo is taken on an icy land, haha.... see how many heads you can find

This is a poster of the movie FRINGE. It is said that there are 16 objects that are related to the movie . Can u spot it?

Now this one is hard, The title of this picture is 2 head is better than one.... and the hint i got is just by looking at the head , and u will see 2. But i can't see it.

This is a storyabout a boy who went to the barn house and saw something he should not see... for getting that thing is quite hard for it is too expensive in the old time

There are four tigers in this optical illusion, can u spot it?

The hunter is looking for his prey where could it be?

Look at this picture and what do you see, probably a village yes? but this is not a mere painting, but real food .

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