Monday, November 23, 2009

Clean time

Today i experienced a day where we are suppose to clean up our mess in a totally short time. And we have to clean it up till it is dirty-free... You would probably think that i will work to death. HAHA i didn't.

That is because this time i am only incharge to clean my own room that is on the 1st floor. And cleaning my room is easy. because i usually mess up my bed. So there is only one thing to clean up. The bad thing is. I am also responsible to hang up the clothes that are washed. It hits the minimum of 4 buckets a day. I really am lazy and i dont really wan to do it. But i need to.

On this day, time is gold. Well... only for my mum. If i would have rest for 5 minit. I got scolded. Well. at least my house cleaned

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