Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today is tuesday, and i have been enjoying the whole day since i woke up. I went to school and we had a clean up at school. I was helping the school cleaning by using a brush to brush a piece of ground. After that i went home.

I did nothing except the same old game , Dota. I really had fun, even though i keep losing. Until when 2 of my friends came. And we had to play 3 vs 3. I was in a team with a pro that 1 of my friend want to be with since it is the computer who chooses the team. My friend just wan to win, even before we play , he already wanted to be in a team with the pro. But unlucky him, I got to be in a team with the pro.

It doesn't matter, but He really hell care. He keep calling me noob, eventhough he is the one who got killed. And when one time i tried to chase him to kill him, the pro saw it and he rush and kill him. I got called a noob again because he said that i cannot kill him so i need give signal to the pro to kill him. That's a lame excuse. He is just really annoying, although i am really good with him, but i have a line there and he crossed it, not just a little , but alot.

Don't mind that, after everyone leaves. He sent a message to me, that he want to play with me. Well , i think he wants to bully me. Since he always use the same hero, same item. He has mastered it. But only 1 hero. I just think it is boring, eventhough i'm not the one who keep using the same hero.


  1. if i told u the name not so good i think... better keep it a secret. but it is not li zi