Monday, November 23, 2009


Dota! Dota ! Dota! that is wat i do for the last few days. I am totally crazy about it... but i am a noob , well. for playing too long i got banned. i've stopped playing for 3 days le.

I remember 2 days ago, i went for my karate lesson and i told Seng Cheng about me not playing dota for a whole day. And i claim myself broke a record for myself. Then he say he break record everyday, cause he seldom play the computer. He even said he can not play the computer for a whole month. He really is getting cocky when my friend Di Wen ask me.

........ He asked me a very funny question ' Wont you become so attracted that you cant stand it without a day.' I stop for a second . then Seng Cheng and me asnwered' I am already in this condition.' he just laughed. meanwhile , while we are sparling, i actually step on Seng Cheng feet when i wanted to front side kick. and the result is me banging the floor and got humiliated.

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