Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exam's over

Ahh... It really feels good since exam is over. I get to do what i want to do and no one can stop me from doing it. It really feels great. I'm going to finish the things i started and i'm going to get a whole lot of proness in dota.

After the exam, I've been playing the same old game, facebook and Dota. But I really am a hell of a noob in Dota. That's why i've been reading strategies for the game to increase the skill of buying item instead of buying the same old item everyday and lose. Reading the strategies really increase my proness, but that didn't help since my friends cant really cooperate with me. And i need to cooperate with them. I think they don't hell of a care when they play, all they want is to farm and get fat. That really make me angry. Even when our base got attacked and will almost lose. They are still busy trying to get fat. Meanwhile i was protecting my base and got sacrifice a few times. I didn't really care. But when he starts to complain that i am not fat . He really crossed the line. I keep talk sense to him but all he say is ' not kill hero will win'. I was so furious, all types of bad words came out from what i type. Shit, Damn, you just name it. Other than that, my relatives likes to bother me whenever i am playing. ' Wei Luen, can you take out the rubbish' Wei Luen this , Wei Luen that.

Guess what, this time i am serious and i will finish my novel i started written in form 2, but my ideas just flew away everytime i wanted to write. That's really not good for me. Well , when i finish i would ask one of my friends to read to give some comment.

It's been a week since pmr, I really wanted to look for a job on the holidays. For me, I would prefer a job in a restaurant i like, cause i love food. I asked my mum if i can work at KFC but my mum said that they don't hire part- timer.

There is going to be a trip to Kl on november, I really wished i can go. I haven't ask my mum, but i think she'll probably give a negative idea since it is aroud 150. I really wished i could go. But if i go, I am afraid that i have no friends to accompany me.

Pmr is over, and i still go to school, i just don't get it. Why don't go to school, it is fun, especially this time of the year. I really had fun that day, a telematch was held that day. I enjoyed it alot. Furthermore, we get free food, and it is like an all we can eat free food. We can take a few packet to eat, till we get full. I really don't get my friends. They rather spend their time at a cybercafe then to play with their friends at school. How Weird?

It is the end for this post for now. But i will probably update my blog at least once a week.

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