Friday, October 16, 2009


Family... What is a Family? Some says that family is a place for them to live, some says that it is a home which consists of a mother and father. For me, Family is people who loves and care for each other. A family do not need to be blood related, or even the same type. I have a Family and it consists of alot of member.

Among these member , there are 7 who i live together with. My dad, my mum, my 2 sister, and 3 of my dogs. You would probably ask why i would include dogs. As i say, a family doesn't need to be blood related, neither the same type. I love my dogs, i care about them too. That's my family.

A few months ago, my dog has born a puppy. It's name is Chubby. He have brought joy to our family. We love it very much, even my aunts, cousins and friends like it quite much. I would not call it a genius, but he is quite clever. He loves biting my finger, before he bites. He would lick my finger, acting like nothing , then suddenly he would bite it. I think it is quite clever for a dog.

Today, i am really sad. Because i have lost a family member, the mother of Chubby, Champ. Has died. It died because the auto gate of my house press it to death. I am really sad for losing this family member. I wish that this had never happen. And my tears will not flow out from my eyes.

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