Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leadership Camp

Tick Tock Tick Tock... Time is running and I have to reach there soon so I won't be late, and I promised Guang Yew that I'll meet him there at 7.00 and it is already 6.40??? Oh man...

I manage to reach school at 6.50. I got a shirt and a name tag from the AJK's. I hurried down the lane and I met Yen Qi. He saw me and started asking why am I walking so fast. I told him I've gotta give something to Guang Yew. I reached the canteen and I saw Yu Keit and Jun Wei, I waved hand and I put my bag down. I hurried to the front because Guang Yew actually want me to meet him at EyeQ. But I saw him sitting on the floor beside the band's room, and I hand him a parcel. After receiving the parcel he went back, well, I did the same. I went back to the canteen, I drank a cup of Milo and we're escort to our room by our Room Leader. We went off to the hall. First we listen to the rules and then they asked us to give them all their handphones and for safe keeping. After that, we were asked to form a few instant group to play games together. I formed a group with Xiao Hua, Jonathan, Tai Hang , Jun Wei , Hua Kang, Eric, Yen Qi and 2 boys that is in the same room as I am. We play some type of game that needs strategy and agility. We kind of cheat , but still we won. Once we finished playing the Camp Leader told us that some of the student didn give them their handphones and alot of things else. Someone even brought food to the Camp.

After Finishing the game , We were asked to form a group. This time it is going to be parmenent, that's mean we need to stay with this group for the rest of the camp, and we can't change. I was with Yu Keit and Tai Hang, It is actually kind of hard to find a group because most of the group accept 2 people only. So we formed a group ourselves and I asked Yin Chien and Vincy to Join our group. It seems that we have too many Form 3's in our group that's why we need to change with some other group. And guess what, me and Yu Keit actually got change. Well, actually I chose to change since no matter how we need to change 2 boys and among them are me Yu Keit and Tai Hang, that's why I chose to change. I actually got change into a group with Zhe Wei, Geraldine, Ming Hoon , Geng Gim, and some other else.

We went to the Canteen and Yin Wai explain about the mark's thing. We are the third counting from the last to reach the canteen. We need to draw the flag of our team , and our team Leader (Geng Gim) asked Yu Keit to draw. But he is quite shy, at last he started drawing the logo of our camp. We don't have much time to draw, that's why we use hand print's instead. After almost finishing, Yu Keit quickly add some details to the words and the drawing, It really make a whole lot different. Where else me?? I destroyed the painting, I wanted to draw wings on the logo and I drew UGLY. Our team name was Dream Team (In English). The Leader went out to introduce our flags, and believe me there are a whole lot of weird flags.

After that Our Camp Leader asked us to changed the time to the exact same time as the one He is Using. We can't be late or we can't get marks. We went to our room and we changed into our Camp T-shirt, and went for the Ceramah. That Teacher from KL or something is quite cool. She is Funny. She asked us a whole lot of thing to save whom and in the end everything became the worst thing you would never think of. Ok , It is not that worst but still it is fun, she taught about how to be a good leader and so on. After that , We went to eat our lunch. The food is quite satisfying. We went to the Dewan Kuliah to announce the camp privately open(something like that). And the boring part started. We wait and wait and wait and wait and finally it is over and we went to take some photos everyone together. The teacher actually look quite stupid in the camp T-shirt. After that there is another Ceramah by the same teacher. It is still fun. Then we went to the field and play some game about trusting your team mates. It sure isn't worth it, I trusted them and all I got is a sore head. Next is another game about making people dropping off of the bench. I got a free soda because I survived the don't drop from the bench game, because everyone sacrifice themselves. And on the second turn, I dropped from the bench because I'm scared I tear off someone else shirt. I am quite sorry for my team mates because I share that drink with Yu Keit and another person who is not from my team, and I can't let my team mate drink some.

We went to bath after the game, Jun Wei and me waited and waited and waited. And finally there's a place, but the room is stinking of shit. Jun Wei went in and bath. Before there is a bathroom for us to go in we have wash our hair outside using the tap because we have waited for a long time. I can't wait any longer and the who toilet is filled with stinking shit stench. So I bathed outside, of course without taking off my pants. I was bathing when suddenly Jonathan and Siong Chong arrived. They saw me bathing outside, at first they only wash their heads. But after looking at me bathing outside, Siong Chong started saying ' Kamu boleh, saya pun boleh' or in english ' You can, I also can.' Jonathan was so excited too, he ran here and there saying ' Kamu boleh, saya pun boleh, kami semua pun boleh.' or in english 'You can, I also can, everyone also can.' I was actually quite excited too. There is 5 taps outside, 2 at the left of the toilet door and 3 at the right, We was at the right side. And we bath and bath each a tap. I finished and I had enough so I wipe myself so I am dry and I wore a Shirt. Jonathan and Siong Chong wasn't done yet. Siong Chong is just scary, he keep rubbing his thigh. And he was only wearing short pants (Just like Boxer(a type of underwear)) I change my pants and I was already to go and eat. We had Dinner, It was very satisfying, I really enjoyed it. After that we went to the Dewan Kuliah again. Siong Chong was right behind me. He actually walked with his underpart facing the front. We went to the Dewan Kuliah and waited for about 20 minutes and Joel started announcing the game. We was supposed to bring a torchlight so some of us went back to get 1. Siong Chong went back too and when he came back he was holding a huge torchlight and wearing Short pants( Boxer like) and a raincoat. He was like a burglar. Everyone laughed. I was there asking if anyone wanted to see a ghost . I told them that I want to But I'm scared of meeting 1 too. We started as a BUSINESSMAN?? Well, me and moses actually thought it was fun being a buisnessman at first, but then I think it makes me puke. It is totally boring, I was looking for others to buy things for us until I started to rest at my 'Company'. When our PrankMaster, Goh Siong Chong came to my company. So I asked him, 'wad do u wan sir.' And he answer 'do u sell blackboards.' It is actually weird since the topic is something like making a party and of course only party things is nessacary, but he asked blackboard. Now this is starting to get fun. I've learned from our PrankMaster there and I started to act like a student and went to ask another company if they sell things that wont be sold but the first company I went actually went very well at first. But then I got totally busted, by 1 of the members there. She knew I was a Buisnessman. So I kind of gave up , and this time I was telling other students that their things is expensive and ours are cheaper, I knew I should not do that. That's why I started pranking others again. My second chance was way better no one knew I was a Buisnessman in Zi Xian team. It went well, she got fooled totally , I kind of feel sad for her. Enough of this game.

We went to sleep then , Jun Wei actually wanted to bath and he asked for my Soap again. Well I gave it to him. I went to brush my teeth and went to sleep, and we all got waked up at 2 Oclock. Those Ajks said that we are going to play a treasure hunt. And we should go to the bathroom quick. We went there and went back when suddenly someone say Wenni went missing. We are ordered by the Ajks who got scolded by the teachers to go look for her. Zhe Wei said that it probably is a lie since they went out of the toilet and YeeWei told Wenni to stay for awhile and she went missing. Well, I think that it must be a joke but I didn really tell anyone since I was telling Moses Ghost Stories. We was called back and Wenni was found crying. Well after some announcement we went back to bed. Well, we actually just went in to the room, I didn sleep I talked,I was like a detective talking about clues. Well, obviously it is a joke since 1st What ZheWei said. 2nd No way they will trust us stupid useless students eventhough one of us(Jason Ng) is the police society chairman than to trust the police, no offence but it is the truth. 3rd If someone meet up with this kind of things, they will probably go home crying instead of still staying. And last but not least, we are suppose to have a treasure hunt, we are suppose to have clues, but no clues have been found anywhere since we walk the place we should go. And the first clue they gave are just some stupid drawing and words.

The next morning,I went to the bathroom since I wanted to poo, but I cant find my toilet roll. Siong Chong actually took a whole roll, and it never been used before, Jonathan borrowed from him and gave it to me so I can poo without worrying. At breakfast time, I went to ask Wenni but DiongMin said that not to mention about this kind of unhappy things. Well , I'm starting to neglect about the clues I thought of. Then we went to Eat!!! I was kind of sad not knowing about the truth. After finish eating we went for a lame Ceramah!!! The teacher was talking and we were playing!!!! Then it is Telematch time!! There was all sort of games and they are all disgusting!!! well.... not all.We finish the Telematch and we went to eat. Then there's another telematch that i really sucks in... that is about geography. i never answer the question the Ajk's ask, but who cares... I'm going to end this quick now... Then we got some kind of wood also named bakau every group have one thing but our's sucks cause we can't really describe something good about it... eventually we made it through.And lastly we clean up the room and went back... not really a happy ending... but i have fun there.

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