Friday, March 6, 2009

Death of a Friend

5th of March, today was the day my friend passed away. At first I didn't know anything about it, and my friends say that their tuition teacher told them he had died. I can't believe, Boon Keong even said that he got leukemia, and it is in early stage, he couldn't had died. I believed Boon Keong, I even remember that I had talk to him last week. I just can't believe one of my friend had passed away. I was talking about going to watch movie on saturday.

At night, I got a message from Boon Keong. He said he has no mood to watch movie together. I saw his message, I was quite curious, I am just worried. I asked Boon Keong "He haven't Kiao right....", he didn't answer me, then I asked again "RIGHT???". Then he told me, "He has passed away at 8 o'clock in the morning'. I have quite a shock. I told my family, they told me to not tell anyone if i'm not sure. I went to sleep, I had a dream, I dreamt that I saw him, I was so happy. I talked to him, I said that Boon Keong was Lieing, I am so happy. After awhile, I woke up, It was all a dream, but I thought ' No way he had died'.

I went to school, and when we started our class. I saw Jolene Chong and Yue Feng came to our class, they told us that he had die of Leukemia yesterday and they hope that we can donate money to his family. I have a shock, a shock of my life. I wanted to donate but i have only 70sen, I borrowed money from Boon Keong and I donated. Boon Keong told me that yesterday when he was at Ah Bo tuition, Kong Jie mother came and told Ah Bo that he had passed away. Ah Bo started to cry and he told everyone about it.Boon Keong even told me that Boon keong and him even fell down together. Yong Yi donated RM2, I asked her if she know him, She said she always sat on his place in school. I even heard about Vincy Cried. In the afternoon I went to the temple, my mother donated and I've prayed him, I had a last look at him and I went home.

Goodbye Yew Keong, I'm surely gonna miss you. All of your friends will.

To all of you out there, appreciate people right beside you, when you lose them, you can't get them back. Friend is precious to us , It is the light to our darkness.

So Please Everyone, Appreciate The Ones By Your Side. Every friend is worth to appreciate.

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