Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Rubik's Cube. It has been quite popular since Jonathan started playing. First Guang Yew saw him play and he got attracted. He bought 1 and look for datas just so that he can finish the cube. Well, I kind of got attracted too so I bought 1 too. But I have never intend to finish it without looking at the paper but it got me quite far. I can almost finish it. Every 3J's student probably know how to play , except for some of them. Well, Even the Form 4's started playing because of Jonathan. I got quite irritated by it since they started playing, every time I started playing, Tai Hang will beg me to teach him, but I just don't want to teach anyone. After all , I can't really finish it.

After a month or so, Tai Hang stop begging me because he can finish it already. It seems like he asked someone else to teach him, but he is way slow,and when I say slow , I mean slower than me. The time for me to finish till the last step just take me the time he use to finish it halfway. Eventually, he will become faster and faster. Now's the real irritating part, everytime I finish till the last step he will say "I know how to do , do you wan me to teach you?" I have no intention to finish it at all. But he just keep asking me. Rubik's cube is really starting to bore me out. That's why I started looking for something else. So I looked for other rubik's things. And I found something more cool than a cube. It is a

Rubik's Sphere.

And a Rubik's Pyramid.

And a something, I really dun know how does this work.

Well, These are the three new toys I found. It sure is cool.

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