Sunday, February 8, 2009

Commander camp

12th December, the day Commander is chosen among the commander terlatihs. I woke up at 4.55 and slept again, Then I woke up at 5.50. I started preparing everything, I bathed, I brushed my teeth and I did everything Igot to do. I went to school, It was quiet. I'm kind of scared because Rumors said that the school is full of spirits.I sat infront of the hall, Then Chin Liang and Hui Xin came. I actually wore the wrong shirt, I went to change my shirt. Then Pei Di and Boon Xuen came to the front. Pei Di said that she reached the school at 6 o'clock because she followed her sister to school. She forgot to buy work gloves, Boon Xuen then borrowed her his gloves. DaHan then reached, and then Eleen came. Xiao Hua then reached, We walk to the back together. We reached the field, Jonathan haven't come. I was kind of worried, CaiBao then masuk us, and Jonathan reached. He was late because his alarm was broken. Min Ee started explaining the rules, Jonathan was late, so he nid to run around the field 4 rounds. The AJK's then open the banner which is covered by newspaper. CaiBao said that they use newspaper because they are lack of time if i'm not mistaken. We then started the camp by running 15 round around the basketball court.After finishing running, CaiBao quickly call us to pitch the 'Tortoise camp', We are competing against the AJKs. Unfortunately, we lost by a minute because the AJKs started earlier. CaiBao then call me to Lead the team. I lead the team for awhile, when suddenly the AJKs wanted to march together. I was raining sweat, I wanted to rub my sweat, But I don't dare too. Then Caibao ask if I wanted to change, I said I want to rub my sweat. She heard wrong, she then call me to join the team and she called Xiao Hua to lead the team. After marching for awhile, the AJKs 'Keluar'. Then Ching Liang Lead the team, Then Jonathan lead the team. He was commanding 'Squad Ke Kanan...' We all thought he was going to say 'Sing' , But he command 'Belok' . The whole team is a mess. Then We stopped marching. Yee Wei called us to wait , because we are going to have a competition. '大肚婆' tieing competition.Ah Lai then came, she bought a big bag of rope. We then started, We chose a place to sit. I saw Hui Xin sat on the second row so I sat at the 3rd row(the chair behind the school for the audience to watch basketball). Yee Wei started asking me, she say that I should not sit so high. But I still sit there. CaiBao Join the competition too, She is fast, She complete 3 rope in a Giffy, and she said she finished tieing and she is lazy. I waste alot of my time at first, I can't really remember how to tie. Jonathan keep calling Guo Hui to talk to him, but Guo Hui don't want to, so he scold #$%#@$% (it isn't really bad word, he was just making 'bleh bleh bleh' sound) and this gave him 2 rounds of running . After a while, Yee Wei started to announce who is still on the first rope. Well, I haven't finish 1, Boon Xuen haven't finish his first rope too, so as Hui Xin. Suddenly they ran to take the 2nd rope, I was kind of afraid that I will get last. After experiment-ing for a few minutes, I got the hang of it. I tied as fast as I can. At last, I tied 51 knot. The champion is Eleen who did 78 knot, Jonathan was 2nd which did 75 knot, Xiao Hua and Pei Di did 61 knot, they got 3rd and I was number 5. Chin Liang is number 6, Hui Xin Was number 7, Dahan was number 8 and Boon Xuen gotten last place, because he tie alot wrong. We went to look at each others knot. Mine is the 1st 1 to be looked at. Yee Wei said that mine is very beautiful, so as Jonathan and Eleen. Pei Di's , Chin Liang's , Hui Xin's and Xiao Hua's is nice too.Just not too tight. DaHan is OKay, But Boon Xuen got alot wrong.We then pitch a tent , a really big tent that we normally pitch at camp. It was hard, but this time I did alot of things not like the last time. The AJKs helped us, But we still did bad. Jonathan Keep calling me to use my strength to pull the ring out so the whole tent can't be used. We finished pitching the camp, but it is not as good as last time. Me and Jonathan started carrying a rock and help the others hammer the rock, I was so excited. I hammer and hammer, and when I am done, I still continue hammering and my hand hit the ground. Gravity is enough but the Rocks weight make it worse. I told Jonathan and Hui Min saw my hand. She called me to let Jing Jing and her wrap my hand. They then ask me if I wanted to put the medicine that really hurts, I was asking if it will hurt, they said just now PeiDi put, she shout very loud, then I ask them if the medicine is just like alcohol, they said something like that , then I said better don't put(I'm quite a wimp right??). Then I ask if it will be better if I put, they said yes. Then I said better put, Michelle was saying, let him 'Shiok' abit. After a while after they put the medicine, I ask if it will be pain after awhile, they started ask me if I'm in pain. Then they put yellow solution, then I ask if put yellow solution hurts, because my finger kind of hurts. Then they started saying 'Y he opposite wan?' and michelle say ' this type of wound put yellow solution will pain.' then they all agree. They are still wrapping my wound when CaiBao wanted to Masuk, she say I should wait till they wraped finish. After they finish wrapping, I quickly ran and join the team. We draw number for the team at the telematch, I was with Chin Liang , Hui Xin and Jonathan is a group, Dahan And PeiDI is in the same group, Boon Xuen,Eleen and Xiao Hua is in the same group. We then change our shirt for the marching competition. After finish changing , CaiBao said that there is bekas here so we need to place the flag. After finish the rising the flag thing, we changed our shirt and start playing the games. We need to work together at the first station. After finishing the first station, we went to our team station. Me and Chin Liang's 2nd station is SEWING COCONUT LEAF! It is a hard 1 for the starting. Yolenda and Wen Chin was so bored, they collect mosquito. Yolenda then saw a ant carrying her mosquito collection , she then chase the ant and put the mosquito back. We keep on Sew, We heard Boon Xuen shouting commands. Then suddenly Xiao Hua's group came. By the time they reached our station, we're almost finish. After awhile, we finished. We ran to the next station. We must climb a rope. It looks easy but it is really hard. We must look for our gloves first. We found it fast. They started saying that Jun Wei's hiding place is so bad. Then another 1 says that Jun Wei thought the most dangerous place is the safest place. I use the glove to climb, But it is really hard. I then ask them if i can take off my gloves. Kah Wai started saying that I think Wearing gloves are for girls. I climbed to a certain height that is high enough. But I can't touch the plant. But they say that it is ok. Then Chin Liang climbed, CaiBao ask her if she wants to take off her gloves. She said yes and started climbing, Everybody was shocked, She said yes but she didn't take off her gloves. Then she laugh and take it off. She climb quite good, but she didn't touch the plant too. They say it is okay. She climb down and the AJKs started blindfold us. We need to listen to them. Chin Liang follow them first and I heard her laughing. Then they ask all sort of question. They said DaHan Put his whole head down and PeiDi's face is halfway down. They then say that I am very Lonely. It is my turn, I follow their orders calmly. They called me to squad and put my head down and crawl. It is all water, I crawl and crawl, There are ropes and I can't touch it. They told me to Put my head down and I put my head down. And then they call me to put my head whole way down. I fillow their orders , and they only know that it is just grass not rope. They then call me to stand up and run, I stood up but I walked and suddenly I fell down a hole. It is also full of water, I need to pick up spoons. Heng Tai then ask me 5 question. I answer the correct 1, Then he told me to answer the wrong 1 to pass. The 1st question is "Whats your name" I answered Ching Liang. The 2nd question is " who is the Chairman of PBSM" I answered CaiBao. the third question is "Your fathers mothers mothers mothers fathers mothers fathers mothers is boy or girl" I answered Boy, theres 2 more questi0n but I can't remember. I Then came out of the water and the mud fall into the water. This happen to Chin Liang too. They then say it is time for lunch, Me and Chin Liang then go and wash our hands. We then went to take our lunch, some teams are very hardworking. They are still sewing their coconut leaf. We waited for them, Heng Tai then say we need to pay extra RM4 for the 'Leng teh'. When I was eating, I accidentally spilled my 'Leng teh' in my lunch. Jonathan Tell Jing Jing he know how to make fire already, Jonathan say afterward he BURN Jing Jing house down.(He is Kidding)We continue our game. Our next station is at form 5 block. Sock Mei started saying. There is 3 type of fire, We need to extinguish it. The 3 fires are Hentak Kaki, Push Up and Sit Up. It is hard but we manage to finish it. Chin Liang say that I am very obedient, and call me to push up then I push up. We then run too the place for long jump. Min EE and Jing Jing was there, they said to make a fire that is big enough to burn the Rafia String. And the longest time the other teams took to burn the string is 17 minute, they said that if we can get less than 10 minute, We will be the fastest.We dig a hole and burn and burn. We then burn till the String break. We are the fastest, We used 9minute+ only. We then Run to the corridor near the Girls Toilets. The task is too shout commands loud and clear while someone pour water on our face. We finished and we are the first team , We then run to The PBSM room to take some bamboo to the field to tie, to complete the whole game. After awhile, something like 5-10 minute. Xiao Hua team came, We quickly tie the bamboo, Jonathan's team then came, and then PeiDi's team. Ching Liang and me are fast but we lose to Xiao Hua Because they have 3 people. When we're tieing, The bamboo broke, the bekas say that the bamboo legs Broke. Boon Xuen teach us how to Finish the tieing, and he broke the string.After finishing we went to play '千里传音' , I shout loudly, Ching Liang was beside me, she say her head can vibrate. Everybody was quite shock, I didn,t shout so loud before. We then went to change our shirt, Because it is marching competition time. Yee Wei told us not to march the corak because there is bekas there, If we are not good enough we will get scolded. Hui Xin lead the team first, she is good. Then Boon Xuen Lead us, we haven 'Setia' he then call us to 'jalan'. He made a huge mistake. Then it is Pei Di's turn. She is quite good. After finish leading us ,the bekas say that we walk bad and say 'Who think they are wrong then do push ups. Boys 20 times, girls 10 times.' I did 20 times straight because I don't want to get scolded. Pei Di didn't push up because she did nothing wrong. Then Chin Liang lead the team, then me, I used up all my Gas and I got very tired. Jonathanthen led the team, then Eleen , then Dahan, and lastly Xiao Hua. CaiBao then Masuk us, And it is time to count the punishment round. Everybody got 5 rounds for the camp, 2 round because we are late once, 2 round because we walk wrong. Xiao Hua, PeiDi, Eleen,Ching Liang and Hui Xin need to run 11 round. Boon Xuen need to run 19 rounds, Dahan need to run 18 round, I need to run 17 round, and Jonathan need to run 31 round.I can't run because my leg is in pain and i dun have any stamina. I have the least stamina in the whole team. Instead I walk. When we're running halfway, Yee Wei gave us theory exam. Most of the pens they gave me are broken. After Finish answering we continue running, some of us still have many round, then CaiBao say if we reach the place they are standing in 10second we can stop runing, I run as fast as I can eventhough my legs are aching. We then sat down and sing the song we always sing. Then CaiBao masuk us and announce who got chosen. She said eventhough we have only 9 ppl but they will still set us. Eleen was the first 1, they take a picture , I was second, they said eventhough I am a new comer but I am very hardworking we take a picture too. then they said they have no time. Pei Di was next, then Boon Xuen , then Xiao Hua, then Ching Liang , trhey say Ching Liang make fire very fast.(hey ! It was me and Ching Liang XD) . They all took picture with CaiBao and Yee Wei too. Jonathan was very sad, he said 'walao, no way this time oso no kena leh??' Then The last and only Dahan. Jonathan say ' walao, Now I 2 oso no kena' then CaiBao and Yee Wei walk back to their own place. And then say nid 1 commander to lead us. Then 2 of them come out and say, 'Just Kidding, Jonathan please accept ur badge. ' Jonathan was so happy , he took a photo with them. We then saw Kar Wai, He was wearing a pink colour shirt, CaiBao say he wear pink to get peoples attention. We then end this day and we walk the corak for the AJKs to see. After finish walking, We shouted 'Caibao最好, Yee Wei 更好!' and then their reaction is like so funny. And then we said ' just kidding.' The AJKs then sit in a row and make a wave, they then call us to make a wave with them too. We then take a photo with the banner. We Used the bamboo we tied to take photo, I sat beside Dahan , he was like snatching the camera head. .We then help Kar Wai Pick the bakau that belongs to scout. They said they wanted to tell Ghost stories. After that Yolenda called me, she said my mother came. And I went home. I even forgot to bring my gloves back.

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