Saturday, February 21, 2009

A New Year

Goodbye 2008 and hello Year 2009, I drop 1 class and I'm in 3L this year, but I fit in quite easily, cause I know most of them since I'm at form 1, I sat beside of Soon Teck at first, but then Soon Teck changed place with Boon Keong and that's how I ended up sitting beside Boon Keong again, But still it's quite fun sitting beside of him. It's quite fun in this class, it's really easy to communicate with the students in this class, especially the one's infront of me. The one's sitting infront of me are Tong Yong Yi and Wu Yi Nin.

In this class I get along with everybody if they come to talk with me, but if they dun take action, I wont act as I'm in the same class with them, But Boon Keong is equal to the opposite of me, he doesn't really get along with others since he doesn't care about friends, he once make Yi Nin angry and fought with Kok Sin. Oh yeah, it's been a year since I'm in the same class with Zi Xian, and guess what? She's in the same class with me again, well at least this year she talk to me , erm.... kind of... does 'Wei Luen, can you pick up my pen please' counts? Okay , done with that, alot of things change. I'm not really close to my friends last year anymore since I dropped one class. People starting to ignore me, and all sort of things, I once called Yin Chien and she didn't even care. Guess what, Jonathan gave Zhe Wei a birthday gift and she accept it, I think Jonathan will have a chance. I'll plan a trip to pangkor soon, and this time I'll make the decision! Finally! I hope I wont make any mistakes!

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