Thursday, November 13, 2008

Truth of the Tower

This is an art project done by a team of girls from our class. Is it nice?? Well... It was nice. Not anymore... instead it turn more like garbage, G-A-R-B-A-G-E, GARBAGE. This whole destroying thing started with one canon.Hee Woi accidentally pull the canon, and it broke. Then he thought 'since it is broken why not all'(I think this is what he thought). So, he pull a tower from it place. The empty slot in the Lower Left. Then Jing Yi and me started the destroying. Jing Yi tried to , but he say he dun have enough strength to break it. I destroy the tower in the Upper Left. It was just so fun. So I tried to pull the center one off , but i only did it halfway. We quickly leave it there. Then Seng Kai came, he hold the tower and it came out by itself. We didn want to get ourselves into trouble, so we said seng kai broke it .He really thought he broke it so he pull another tower fromits rightful place, the one from the Lower Right. He was so happy. Then he pull out another one, the Upper Right. And he made it like a KL tower. I pulled out the centre 1 and give it to him. He was so happy . You should see his smiling face. Pei En came and take 2 towers, hitting away, singing a song. They was so happy. Then Seng Kai wrote on a paper saying 'Hee woi and Pei En did this'. Pei En saw it and wrote Seng Kai's name. Then Seng Kai tried to cross it. I even help Seng Kai write ' from Seng Kai (his signature. It is just a few circle with a stroke on the bottom)' Then Pei En tear the paper and throw it away. Then they warned us to not tell anyone, I did what they told, I didn't tell anyone, I just write it on my blog. I even wrote what I did. I just want to take the picture down so much. So I write this blog.

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