Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A not so Lucky Day

11th November, It's a day full of luck. Maybe lady luck's standing by me. I've start my day by opening my eyes. Today I start my lunch by eating one of my favourite food, half-boiled egg with bread Wei Luen style(I can give you the recipe if you wanted) . Actually it is nothing special, but i love it.The egg is not even fully hard. Hard in the outside liquidy in the inside. It is just a perfect way to start my day. But this day is not all lucky, I tried to ask my mum for some money to buy some pokemon cards. But my mum rejected. Well that's not the part to be happy with. I went to school and went to my neighbour class that is 2L, to play some card game. I bought some sweet(3 packets with 4 sweets in each a packet) so I can give it to my friend, but I ate 4-5 of it. I start playing cards, not any Uno , Pokemon ,or something cute but poker. I played 'Cho Dai Di' , and i got the biggest card in every turn (maybe lady luck like the smell of my breakfast). But I'm not so good at the game, so I lost 2 turns eventhough i played 5-7 turns. My luck come to an end when I went to my other neighbour class, that is 2J. I started playing chess, I lost every game , I even lost to a 'Blackie'. So I played chess, I lost 2 rounds , on the third round i could win so easily, but I got greedy. I want to eat all of my opponent's chess piece. But, I Queen got eaten by his Knight, and I have nothing left but a King , but he has a Knight. But at last it ends with a draw. Then I went playing poker with my friend in 2J.I lost 1 time at first, then my other friend from 2K came and I lost more than normal(maybe lady luck prefer his manly smell). School end on 6.45, I walk into the car. I told my mum my position in the whole form and I wasn't able to become a Prefect next year. She keep saying that i should't write my ability is to play games. I guess I really shouldn't write that. I went back to home, I bath and played the computer. I started to ask my cousin about something. He then said we should own PBSM next year. It maybe hard , but I believe that we can do it.

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