Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best Day of my Life

13th November, this is the best day I have since I came to Nan Hwa. I started the day by waking up, Of Course. I started playing maplestory(private server). I've got 2 of my character to 70+level. I ate 1 Roti Canai, I got ready and my auntie came to fetch me to school. Before my aunt fetch me to school , she need to fetch Jonathan, so we went to his house. On the way to Jonathan's, my aunt ask me about some question about what class I'm in next year. When we reach Jonathan's house ,he was still iron-ing his uniform. After waiting for 20 minutes or so , we went to school together. When we reach there we went out to eat lunch eventhough school almost start. We ate french fries and hotdogs. Then we went to the shop beside the school that sells pokemon cards, Eye-Q. I bought four booster pack, it is quite expensive , but it is worth it. Because when I open the first packet, I got a Torterra LV.X , it is AWESOMELY RARE. I was Damn lucky. I went to 2J, by that time the speaker is on and loud music was playing ,Wei Loong said that I shouldn't have bought the booster pack. I should buy from him. Lucky for me I didn't listen to him, Jonathan ask Wei Loong how much would he offer for that card, and he said Rm70. That card must worth more than Rm70. I was so happy, Jonathan was just beside me and he was happy too. Guang Yew was just as happy ,Guang Yew wanted to try his luck to and said he want to go to Eye-Q, even though school has already start, Jonathan said that he is hungry, so we went to the canteen and buy some jelly to eat. Then I saw Jared and Song Ding, I quickly tell them that i have Torterra Lv.X and they were shock. Song Ding keep begging me to let him see it. But we said that we want to go to Eye-Q. They put their bag in the class. Since they're here so I took my Torterra Lv.X out and let them look at it, they were shock and they wanted to try their luck too.

We cut school together and went to Eye-Q, they bought four booster pack altogether and they got a Gengar, Haunter and some others that I'm not so sure. Song Ding challenge me to a card battle when we reach class 2J(2J is the most active class since the exam ends, I went there since then). When we're dueling, the whole class is blowing ballons, someof them pop the balloons and my ear drum almost burst, it was just so crazy that time. I almost lose, but I beat him , because he is just not so lucky that time. I was so happy. Jonathan started to tell me to change class with someone(next year) and come to 2J, everybody agreed. Seng Kai took out some pokemon cards and ask if it is good(Seng Kai wanted to play pokemon cards but he doesn't have a deck), he actually got tricked by Wei Loong because those are all fake cards, we told him to give it back to Wei Loong and get back his money, he quickly go and return it( Wish he will not be tricked again). Then Da Han came and ask me to give him some energy cards(I only boght a deck there is not even enough for me),I told him the truth and he said he wants to change cards with me, but I don't want to. Jared told me all 60-70 of Da Han cards is actually given by Jared. All of us try to convince Da Han to buy a deck of cards, but he keeps saying his parents don't let him buy(I wish he can change his character. I knew he was like that long ago, but I didn't care). Then Jared team up with Song Ding and challenge me and Guang Yew to a battle. Most of mine and Guang Yew cards are Electric type, so we aim Jared's cards cause his pokemon's are Water type. It was Guang Yew turn and Guang Yew want to flip the coin. Jared was so angry because Guang Yew and me team up to beat Jared, so he said 'flip, flip la Sohai'. But at last we lost because Guang Yew got tails, and Song Ding use his pokemon to defeat mine. Guang Yew was so sad because Jared said that sentence. Jared offer a challenge again but Guang Yew refuse. Hee Woi came and say he take Guang Yew place and team up with me to beat Jing Yee and Jared. I lost not long later because I lack of basic pokemon. Then I ask someone if recess is over. Wei Rong said that it has ended so long ago. After they finish their battle we play outside in the hallway. Jared started beating our butts, a straight roll(I didn't bring the camera to snap a photo of it). We went into 2J's classroom afterward, Jonathan, Guang Yew and me sat at the table and Jonathan put a water bottle in the middle saying if we pray like a buddhist saying "Amitabha", the water will get boiled and it will burst then everyone came and sit beide us, Yogenthran sat in the circle and hold the bottle. We start saying nonsense like if we pray too much Yogenthran will turn Chinese, afterawhile I said I don't want to pray a Indian, afterward we all turn into indians, everyone said 'yaloh' and jump from the table to the ground. Jonathan tell me to go to the field to play. I called Guang Yew and Guang Yew call Jared and Song Ding and so they call everyone. We went to the playground together like a gangster who want to go and beat up someone so he call their friends. We went to the stage beside the field. I started playing with a big wood. Then we all started trying to break that wood. Eventually we break it, Chour Yong started talking something about movies. I am busy breaking wood into smaller pieces, Yogenthran and Jonathan and Zheng Yi helped. We use the sword like wood to play Starwars. Then Chour Yong started talking about the movie 'Money Still No Enough'. After awhile he started talking about sex and then Jonathan said that he cannot be late for his Volleyball Finals. So we ran to the class eventhough it is raining heavily.

I took out the monopoly and let Chuan Ming Hao Jie and the others play. I took out my camera and took some photos then I borrowed it to Guang Yew to let him take pictures with everyone.

After sometime, Chour Young took my camera and I wanted to take a picture of Guang Yew fixing the MP3 to the speaker so that we can listen to some songs. He run around not giving me my camera back then he stoped, I call him to give me back my camera, then he ask Song Ding who's camera is it. Song Ding said it is mine and Chour young gave it back to me. I was so angry , I really hate him. I once sit in a place in the canteen beside Kong Yuan ,and he say'Hey, you are sitting in my place FATBOY', he could say'can I have this seat please' or something like that. But no, he must say 'Hey, you are sitting in my place FATBOY'. I hate him since then.My friend say he like to play with Kong Yuan because Kong Yuan is rich. My friend is right, when I am form 1, he think I'm rich and keep hanging out with me, I don't want to hang out with him but he keep looking for me. He ask me how to make his maths better, I told him to do activities, then he ask me to buy activitys book for him. He once call me to buy him a Mcdonald Fillet-O-Fish. Is he Wicked??Shaw Chuan Playing Uno with his friendsChian Voon being a bad boy. Listening to the MP3 and wanna beat me after he knew i take photo of him. Guang Yew thinking he can control You Yuan MindSuk En and her friend , and someone's finger( guess who's finger it is) Rong Yao playing with his GIRLFRIEND's A photo of Yogenthran pointing middle finger and Suk En carrying her water bottle, and Qing Quan fixing the MP3 into the speaker. Chour Young( maybe looking at Girls), Jared and half-face of Da Han Hee Woi, he is getting ready for the photo.
Bo Han and Rong Yao Yogenthran and You Yuan acting cool, Guang Yew is Ultra-Manly 2J blackboard, I don't really know what that mean Jamie Afraid of taking photos,Yin chien's beside her , Kar Mun and Vincy are sitting by the tables You Yuan back picture and Qing Quan shirt won the who's shirt is dirtier contest. I thought it was going to be me Wai Yuan holding 2 Balloons when she is Gambling SHHH!! Someone's asleep You Yuan showing off his class You Yuan pointing middle finger and Qing Quan showing off a B-daman and Yogenthran doing something Rong Yao acting cool Kenny don't want to take photo Guang Yew acting coolMing Yong's still not ready for the photo( he don't even know he got Photofied) Guang Yew's funny face
You Yuan suddenly got attack by someone when he is taking a photo, guess who it is
Dancing like hell, Teng Keat won the seating competition
2J "Da Kai" Which one is better??
Only Jared knew I was taking a photo of them
Song Ding threw the water balloon and hope it would burst, but Chour Yong caught it then he threw to the fan and it burst
I feel good is broadcasting and they dance like wild animals
Jared's dancing pose
Like I said 'I feel good' song is playing, Yogenthran is dancing with the ball, You Yuan was shouting "SO GOOD"
I was taking a surprise picture but Da Han wanna get into it, he spoiled the whole picture
Jared's not so good at taking photo.We can only see Guang Yew's head and our hand. Guang Yew was pointing a midle finger and mine is on his body.It is actually my last middle finger photo with Guang Yew. But no, they just have to buged in.
Everyone touching the ball. I got blocked by Jared's head. SOB
Again, touching the ball, and again my head got blocked by the same person.SOB. Yogenthran was screaming away saying 'I got Blocked'
You Yuan acting like a monkey
They were so happy to get captured, and Da Han just like to get into photos
They replay the 'I feel good' song and dance wildly
Everyone is dancing and what is Chour Yong Doing??
everybody acting cool. Chour Yong don't look cool at all.Agree??
They dance so fast, the camera make them all blury, Yogenthran is too slow so he got capture perfectly.
It is Just suppose to be a funny Photo, But Chour Yong just have to buged in
You Yuan pointing his middle finger
The second funny pose picture.I can't do any funny things because I Dun want to let teng keat drop. See it??Da Han is pushing him to get a good look for the camera.
The serious photo
A photo of 2 people ko-ko book

King Mei, Jamie and Yin Chien talking and reading
Yogenthran and Da Han(Da Han is almost in every Picture taken in 2J)And someone arm.Is it mine??
Wen Chin gazing upon the stars with her friends(I was too late, the others were going to 2J class already) ,she is actually looking at the rain, the rainclouds make it look quite dark, same goes to the flash on my camera.
I was taking a photo of when they're talking, But Suk En spot me taking a photo of them and she make this pose
The Uno Team
The monopoly team. Ming Yong is laughing away, did he get rich??
Chian Voon just spot me, I quickly take his photo and run.

Guang Yew acting cool.

After this last picture I wanted to take more picture's, but my mum came early. It was like 1 hour earlier. I really don't want to leave. My mum said she went to ask which class will my sister be in next year, and since she came to Nan Hwa she brought me home. I was shocked to see my mum. I quickly packed my bag and ran to my mother, everyone is saying goodbye. When we reach the car, I argue with my mum that I wanted to study in class 2J. She said she don't want me to be in the same class as Jonathan, and I said that Jonathan will not harm my result. Then she say L class is better than J class and so on. At last she went to ask Ling Yoke Hook if I can change class. I was in the car waiting, then I heard something shaking noise from my bag, at first i thought it was the monopoly then I remembered. I didn't pack the monopoly. I ran as fast as I can to my class eventhough it is raining.Everybody was asking 'WeiLuen you haven't gone home yet??', ' Wei Luen I thought you went home already'. I quickly packed the monopoly into my bag and ran to the car again. Everybody started saying goodbye to me again. I was just in time, my mum is not back yet but the only thing is, my body was wet, it is like I am a ball of water.

My mum told me Ling Yoke Hook don't let me change class. I was so angry. We went home , my mum told my sister she was in band class, Jessica Nan Hwa marks is higher than her. She was furious, she said she got 5 A's and Jessica only got 4, how could she lose. My mum wants her to join band. She was crying away because she lose to Jessica. I am also angry because I can't get into 2J.

I dedicated this song to all of you guys out there,


  1. 1st to commnt hahaha nice photo of mine .... so sleepy the time hahaaa anyways happy holiday wei luen

  2. So, that's a happy day for you, enjoying the last schooling day in form 2 by dancing and partying wildly.

    As a fact, I didn't really enjoy my last-day-at-school because it's really boring, not to mention the piles of garbage that affected my mood...

    But anyway, nice pictures you have here, despite the middle-finger-pointing pictures.

    Ten years later, maybe our classmates have already forgetten each other, so it's good to capture a moment that will last forever.

    Nice thing my face is not in the photos...if not I'll scare everyone...XD

  3. The middle finger thing is just for fun, didn't u see us laugh?? Ok I will try not to point the middle finger.

  4. i hope i don't fail as miserably as him while dancing but otherwise this video is awesome!!