Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Trip to KL

18th November, I started the day yesterday. I wanted to be awake on 4 a.m for the KL trip, so I watched tv and played computer the whole night to keep me awake. Jonathan was at my house playing the computer, he then ask me to make him hot chocolate. Then he call me to cook CintanMee for us. By the time we ate finish the CintanMee the hot chocolate was cold. Jonathan then went to sleep, I drank the Cold Chocolate. My stomach was aching at that time, now I was just afraid I will need to go to the bathroom when I am on the bus. I was so excited , I woke my mother up for more than 2 times. Finally, it is time for me to get going to Looking Good to take my bus with my friends to KL. When I reach there, I told them I haven't wore my socks since they are still wet. They laugh maniacly, like I didn't wore undies.We went into the bus, me and my friends sit at the back. The teacher came to ask about our handphone numbers, but mine is broken.

We started our journey, I was talking to my friend. Then Wei Zhen ask Kah Yee if he has any X video in his handphone(I think he is just joking with Kah Yee). I was teasing Wei Sheng, asking him why he didn't sat beside to Ke Jia. Then I was talking to Guang Yew. He said he wanted to sleep, so I slept too. I slept in a minute, when I woke up , we were in somewhere ready to have breakfast. My friends said that I snore quite loud when I was asleep. They were laughing away, we each drank a cup of milo. But Wei Zhen ate 2 bowls of Black Mee, Sog Ding ate 1 bowl of Black Mee, the rest of us was looking at Wei Zhen eating. My trousers is too loose it is dropping, I then borrowed a belt from You Yuan, it is a good thing that he like to wear belt everywhere. We went to the petrol station to buy some sweets. We then went in to the bus and continue our journey.

We were having fun playing and talking and watching a funny show, then we reach a factory named Royal Selangor that make Bijih Timah into our daily usage items. They even make a model of Petronas Twin Towers by using alot of cups. We saw the whole process of making our daily usage products. I bought a ancient money necklace, they used the Bijih Timah to make alot of artifacts.It is said that this factory make the biggest cup in the whole world. Wei Zhen started to say, 'The Cup is big, But They wont use it'. We went into the bus again to continue our journey. Wei Zhen change place with yogenthran and sat next to me. He then took out his handphone , and listen to some song that is quite funny.

We then reach Berly's chocolate factory afterward, we went into a hall that broadcast a video about chocolate. The chocolate factory has a chocolate perfume smell, the aroma is so sweet. We then walk around the factory and looking how chocolate is made, It really looks tasty. We almost reach the end. There is a chocolate cave made out of plastic, at first I really thought it is chocolate, and when I touch it then I only know that it is plastic. I bought a packet of chocolate because I thought it costs Rm9. But actually it cost Rm18. There goes my pokemon booster pack, I was kidding with Song Ding saying , 'Eh, Song Ding. You never give Sok Sien any chocolate ??'. We then went into the bus and continue our journey.

We reached High5 Bread factory. The outlooks of the factory looks like a pyramid. We went into it and watch a short clip about bread. Then we went to look at the history of bread. The whole thing was really like 'Egyptian Style', then we went into a room that looks like a space ship. Maybe it is fun for a child, but it really bored me. We are walking here and there to look at the process of bread making. I then asked the one who is guiding us ' Will we have free bread??' She reply me that we are going to have a goody bag at the end. The Bread factory is HUMONGOUS. You Yuan started asking where can we buy the bread making machine. I said that it won't fit, Even if we join our TAMAN together. We then got our goody bag and went back into the bus. The bread is nice but we have to pay an extra Rm13 for the entrance Fee. There goes my another pokemon booster pack.

Our next journey is Sunway Pyramid. The teachers say that we must be in a group to walk around the Mall. I went in a group with Song Ding, You Yuan, Guang Yew, since we all liked pokemon. Wei Zhen and Yogenthran was in a group with us , but they don't really like pokemon cards. Kah Yee followed us because there is no one he can follow. We search around the Mall to look for pokemon cards. I then bought a StromFront Raging Sea deck and Guang Yew Bought another kind of deck that is has an Electirive. Me and Song Ding bought a booster pack. You Yuan didn't get much money so he didn't bought anything. By the time we bought the pokemon cards. Wei Zhen was somewhere else looking for some computer games. We went to look for him, and we pass through a magic shop. The worker is performing magic tricks for us. It is so amazing. We then gather up some money to buy a deck of magic cards. When we are gathering money, Wei Zhen showed up , he couldn't find his cd. He was interested in magic too, and gave us some money. I gave the most and it is Rm7. You Yuan even sacrifice his dinner for the cards. He said he reather eat roti and planta. I sacrifice my Mcdonald too.

We then met Jenny and Sok Sien. They are just funny. They told them they bought a deck of magic cards. I said that they should not tell anyone. They should keep it a secret and say that it is just skill. We went to Sushi King together, since Wei Sheng wanted to eat it. When we reach there, Wei Sheng said that Ke Jia don't want to eat Sushi King and we all went to eat Mcdonald.
Guang Yew and me shared our money and bought a mcvalue meal. He ate a Fillet-o-Fish and I ate a beefburger. After eating they were looking at people skating. I said that they were admiring the skaters by looking at them. We pass through a luck machine and if you wanted to know the result you can ask it from me. Song Ding Love and Sex were empty( maybe because he put his hand the wrong way), Guang Yew Sex was full and he was so proud of it. We then went back to the bus. I modified my pokemon deck and played with Song Ding. I lost once and won once. Then the teacher gave us Rm5 back because the petrol fee has decrease. I just sacrifice my Dinner because of the teacher late money giving. We were playing 'Cho Dai Di' in the bus. Wei Sheng then changed place with Yogenthran, and Wei Zhen and Wei Sheng changed place with 2 Form 1 boys. The Form 1 boys then changed place with Jenny and Sok Sien. It was dark, and we wanted to play 'Cho Dai Di' so we borrowed You Yuan's Handphone that can also function as a torchlight. We then reach somewhere to eat Dinner again.

Song Ding , Guang Yew and me wanted to play pokemon cards but we are thristy, so we went down to buy water to bring back to the bus. But the bus is lock by then, we then went back. The table that our gang at the back sat was full. But Song Ding and Guang Yew still sat there. I don't want to squeeze with them so I sat with my other friends that are girls and quiet. They asked me why I didn't sat at the table with my other friends. I said that I am Clever, Not wanting to sqeeze with them. Then I said they are clever , but they haven't use their brain. Yogenthran started saying about the magic cards, I'm not really sure what he said but I know he said the I own the magic cards most because I paid the most.Yogenthran started saying that I 1 people with 3 girls, then I said that they all 6-8 people with 3 girls. I bought another cup of water. WeI Zhen then went to talk to the Bus Driver, and got free Dinner. I sat on his place, asking the others if they want to eat free dinner they could talk to the bus driver and get free dinner. They were laughing away. Sok Sien started saying that I am cute. We went into the bus and started talking and taking photos. You Yuan was acting all ghost like and I am taking their photos. Sok SIen and Jenny was looking and Wei Zhen's camera photos (Wei Zhen sat at the back, on the floor, the side of the seat of Yogenthran's and Sok Sien's).

Sok Sien saw my photo and said that I am Cute(I am Not Cute!!!!). Then I said that it is Yogenthran in white. They were laughing away. I tease Song Ding by saying that if he didn't take action and make Sok Sien love him faster , Next year she will be mine. Then I say Sok Sien is infront of him and he should not scold bad words. We were taking photos and playing when suddenly You Yuan took out his socks. I threw it to Bee Keian( So Sorry Bee Keian), and she almost cry. She said You Yuan and You Yuan said sorry. Then she say that she want me to say sorry. Then You Yuan make me say sorry. We were playing and playing. We nearly reach home, I quickly called my sister and I got Scolded by her, I called her to fetch me back afterward. Hui En suddenly walk to the back and said that my sister call her to call me to call my sister. I called her and got scolded again. It is so happy and they just have to ruined it. We then reached Looking Good. This trip ended just like that. I would have put all the pictures I took. But my little sister delete all of it before reaching home. When I ask about it, she told me she deleted it.


  1. y u din mention about the price of the noodles?? rm1 for a plate..where to find???!!

  2. It is just noodles and black sauce , My mum could make that too and maybe sell cheaper.Ok I admit it, It is kind of Cheap.

  3. time dun simply throw the "smelly'shocks anyway again ya... forgive u this time...haha^^

  4. wow nice trip but too lame to go better play basketball infront my taman for 3 hour

  5. i noe tat magic shop...I-Magic rite?
    Last time i also passsed by but didnt go in...=)