Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Day on a Holly Day

20th November , Today is a holiday , I've been having a boring day everyday. Today I'm going out with my friends. I've gotten scold everyday , because I had play the computer whole day long. Today, I've got scolded again, because I wanted to go out and my mum don't want me to go out. But I've organize it, and no way I'm gonna disassemble it when it is almost time. Eventually, my mum let me go.

My cousin came to my house ,because his parents aren't free. My mother fetch us to Econsave, but before we went there , I called my mum to fetch Guang Yew. We went to Econsave, when we passed Imax , we saw Song Ding cycling here and there. My mother stopped at Econsave so that we can come down from the car. We were waiting for Chian Voon by then. While waiting, I bought 3 pieces of bread from the bread shop inside Econsave. Jonathan, Guang Yew and Song Ding were looking at some pendrive and asking something about 'Blueray'. I started eating my bread when I was walking towards them.

We keep waiting and waiting, but we can't wait anymore. So we walk toward Miss You Cafe. Suddenly someone stalked me(not stalk really,just push), it was Chian Voon. He was saying he is very punctual(准时). We sad that it will start 1.30 , we reach there at 1.27, we meet after more than 5 minutes. How could he be punctual? We went to Miss You Cafe, we ordered all sorts of drinks and 1 bowl of French Fries. Guang Yew and me started dueling Pokemon cards. It is a tough duel , but finally he won by finishing his prize card. I have 1 prize card left too. By the time we finish dueling , we ate finish the French Fries and ordered another bowl of French Fries and a bowl of Wedges. We ate finish the food very quickly. Jonathan ordered a bowl of Onion Ring and a bowl of Fish and Chips for himself. The Onion Ring is just fried onion, nothing special. We ate some of Jonathan fish , he was quite angry, moaning about how much he ate and he need to pay the whole fish. We counted the bill and started giving Jonathan money to pay the bill. I ordered another cup of Chocolate Milkshake. Of course everybody had some except Chian Voon. I paid my Chocolate Milkshake and we're off. We went pass Imax , we started saying that we wanted to go to Imax , but Chian Voon started saying that he wanted to go back if we go to Imax. Jonathan started talking about Chian Voon started going to Cyber Cafe everyday when he was small. I was telling Chian Voon that most people are good angels when they are small but Chian Voon was a devil. Most people are bad when they grown up, but Chian Voon was an angel by then. Finally we decided not to go to Imax if Chian Voon is going home.

We walk around some shops and we saw some Egg Ball Thingy. We was looking for 50sen but none of us have 1. We started grabbing money from our bag and started changing 50sen , but all of these shops stinks some are lacking of 50sen and some doesn't even have 50sen. But finally I got some 50sen , Song Ding thought the Nintendo DS is real and use Rm1 to get that thing. And Jackpot, we got a Nintendo DS model. I use Rm1 to get 2 eggs that make sounds kind of like chicks. We then walk pass Imax again and wanting to get in, but finally we didn't because Chian Voon was ' if you want to go to Imax then I'll leave'. We didn't go to Imax. We almost reached Secret Recipe when we saw Lei Wen wanting to go to his auntie's house(upstairs of secret recipe, Lei Wen's auntie is the owner of Sitiawan Secret Recipe). We called Lei Wen and said that we want to play with Lei Wen in Secret Recipe. We then went to Secret Recipe with Lei Wen, we walk into Secret Recipe, but Song Ding went home.We ordered Pure Water which is 50sen because we're lacking of money, I wanted to buy a cup of Ice-Cream but I don't want to waste my money. Jonathan started Dueling pokemon cards with Guang Yew by using my deck. He was cheating every game. Guang Yew got mad and he don't want to play with Jonathan. I then challenge Guang Yew to a duel, I used Guang Yew deck and Guang Yew used my deck. I pawned Guang Yew last pokemon and won. Guang Yew was saying that how professional his deck is. Then I said he was wrong, my deck is stronger. I started saying ' You have 1 prize card left and I didn't even get 1, I just pawned your last pokemon and I won'. He admit my deck is stronger. I called Guang Yew to take out the magic Deck we bought at KL. We were showing Lei Wen magic tricks, Lei Wen auntie came to look too. Lei Wen's Aunt is quite easy to communicate with. We were talking with Lei Wen's Aunt. But Lei Wen's Aunt is busy , so she went to bake cake or something. Lei Wen's aunt then ordered her workers to give us a big piece of Oven-fresh Carrot cake. Lei Wen's aunt just finish baking the cake( she is one kind person). We were talking about some news about some Nan Hwa's students. Then Lei Wen's Aunt gave us a big piece of Chocolate brownies. We were so grateful. On the other hand , we were afraid of paying the bills because we don't have enough money.

We were talking and talking when my mother came, we were very sad to leave Lei Wen. We went to pay the bills, but Lei Wen's Aunt Insist to give us free, we can't do anything except thank Lei Wen's Aunt and said goodbye to Lei Wen , Chian Voon and Lei Wen's Aunt. Jonathan could come to sleep at my house but he has piano lessons tomorrow so he had to went home.

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