Monday, November 10, 2008

A Poetry For Everyone To laugh at

I really am Boring,
But I can't do Nothing,
So I wrote this Poetry,
So that you can enjoy It.

I'm feeling Happy,
I wanna eat Piggy,
Drink a cup of Dairy,
So I can go Patooey.

Boys are Ready,
For a pretty Girly,
With a smile on their Facey,
That looks Perverty.

Girls are Scary,
They are Funny,
When they eat Bunny,
Then they look like a Pussy,

Winner or Loser,
Loser's a stupid Player,
Winner a proud Sucker,
Just pick what you Wanna.

Dogs are Scary,
It bit my Undies,
So I got Angry,
Then I make it Peey.

He's a Bully,
He is Silly,
He's quite Lucky,
To have a big Doggy.

I really am Happy,
To write you this Poetry,
By reading this Poetry,
Hope that you laugh Maniacly.


  1. wah gud peotry hi william shake spears?

    aka.. keith lim wei luen KIWI

  2. Haha, good one. What's "Patooey"?

  3. I'm Not sure ,I think it is something like vomit,Poo or something like tat, tat is disgusting.