Thursday, November 6, 2008

Describing My Class and my Classmates

It's a Special day everyday at my class. You will never know what special events awaits you. Sometimes it's boring, sometime's it's fun. Everyone play their parts in this special class.
Our class is famous for the best class in the whole form! But no one knows what's happening in our class. I will describe my classmates depends on what I think.

There's Jing Yee, who always talk nonsense(车打炮) that are funny! Hee Woi that is kind and oso good at nonsense talking that are funny. Diong Min the ferocious tiger lady! Shaw Chuan the not so manly boy! Shing Yen the rude-est of all girls! Yin Chien the Genius! Hao Jie, Who's jokes are boring. Chian Voon the guai lang kia that always Bully me. Kah Yee the nonsense man too. Wen Chin The Kindest girl of all(If you don't believe you can ask the others), Swee Chee looks nice but she is really fierce!Wai Yuan, I don't know why but she looks like she wanna kill someone! Yen Ling, you can say she's my far relative But she is fierce! Chuan Ming somehow laugh kind of like a maniac. Hui En the quiet one and sometimes guai lang. Chia Yie is kind and she will laugh to people jokes easily. Kenny the not-so-good-boy. Boon Min the annoying one. Wei Zhen, good at chess(chinese and english),Maybe he can make a fortune by playing it. Pei En is the same as Jing Yee and Kah Yee. Seng Kai the quiet but guai lang one,as they say: 'the quiet ones always kills.' His result does kills. Yuan Zhang who think he is good at fighting(but actually not). Ming Yong's good at CAT WALK. Wye Lek,I'm not so sure about him but my friend say that he is kind of 鸡婆. Ting Hui who hates bad words and middle finger. Shi Yun if you ask me, I say she is kind in some way, and quiet and she is somehow 爱美......Wait...All girls are like that. King Mei,it is really easy to communicate with her.Zi Xian is kind of cool, not cool cool, but scary cool, sometimes she even scare the creeps out of me. Xing Ron ,she really like games that are suitable for boys.Catherine Wong, I don't really know about her but some people thinks that her thoughts are weird. Wen Ni the small one,and also a genius. Zhe Lin is oso cool but not scary cool more like no-talking cool. Eleen is also really easy to communicate with, but sometimes she's scary. Jenny who is kind and guai lang, she once say my brain grows weeds. Hui Min who is optimistic and kind. Shin Yie Laugh like she have asma. And Two of my best friends, Moses who is guai lang and really kind and a soft heart, and Boon Keong , guai lang, funny, hates malays,and have alot of friends that are good at fighting or something like that. And last and only, me! I am a boy who like to irritates everyone,I'm bad at chess , bad at everything ,But at least I have a Kind heart accompany me whenever I go. I may Not look kind , But No one knows My true characteristics.I changed since I got bullied everytime, So I've changed my mind ,Not following others thought, Actually I do care, but bully-ing I've been having change my thought and so I don't trust everyone anymore. I think it is just a matter of time before everybody stops bully-ing me.

I think I wrote some very bad things about my classmate but don't get mad.


  1. wat you had said is true? I think you are bullying others but not being bully...r u really a kind person?i cant believe that...

  2. That's y I said no one knw me.
    And I got bullied since i was 7.
    So U will never understand me.
    If u knw wat happen when i was 8.
    U surely won't say this.

  3. An interesting post! Write more next time, I love reading through your blog.

  4. boohoo found your blog finally!!

  5. most of them are guai lang....if shing yen saw tis blog....erm...wondering of wad she will reacts...=)