Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Day Of Boredom

6th November! Today is quite sunny and quite cloudy!Let's call it sundy!
It's a Sundy day on thursday.I've started my day by Waking up!haha
I went to tuition afterward.And now I'm taking my break at home having fun By playing the computer. But something really buggs me. There's nothing to play IN MY COMPUTER!!!!
And that's just not it. I really wanted to cycle to the Cyber Cafe, or I call it Computer Club!
My bicycle have been puncture for merely 2-3 weeks.
Maybe god want me to continue my story or maybe my comic!(If u wanna see it u can borrow from me)
It's just ain't the same. I've lost the mood to draw and write since months. I guess i will finish my story as quick as possible since i want to let my friends know I'm not a bad Author. I know that people will laugh when they read it, cause it is hilarious! Well maybe most of my friends gonna want to read it, since it's about my class! Most of my friends like my comic, but my fingers are like joining a sleepover and i mean sleep-only-over. If my friends will come to my house and play! I bet we'll have a wonderful time.
Since there's nothing to do, I read others blog. But I can't control my fingers to comment them eventhough it's not about how good the blog is. I just wish this day will end quickly.


  1. ya, It's okay
    it is fun to invent meaningless words.haha

    Ps I didn finish my story but I did write some