Friday, March 7, 2008

The Day I almost Lose My Best Friend

Woah, I almost lose my best fren today.
I was kinda sleeping My best fren tat is the one sitting beside me borrow a ruler from me.
He accidentally drop the ruler on the floor.
I think becos he is shy so he didn't ask the girl infront of him to help him to pick the ruler,
he use his leg to pull the ruler nearer, and the ruler got scratch by the floor.
I just say :"What have u done ,My ruler ,my beautiful ruler."
I dun wan him to pay becos i brought it for 80sen there is juz some scratch and he say he wanna pay me 80sen.
I think it is not worth it.So i said instead of paying u juz dun pull pranks on me for 1 whole month but i can pull pranks on him and he cannot fight back.If he fight back he must let me punch him.
I made a hand made contract and he signed it. I must make sure he follows the contract.
So i call someone to sign too.
For once i thought he could stop pulling pranks.
Well it's time to go to the science lab.
He keep pulling pranks on me, so i keep punching him.
He got angry and say that his eyes must have sand when he first make fren wif me.
so i said :"我看错了你."
And he say he mistook me as a fren.
He say that his fren say I am very DuLan, But he still make frens wif me.
I say that my fren say that he polluted the air but i dun care.
Another one of my fren say he very DuLan But i dun care.(I didn say this cos i scared that i will hurt his feeling)
We keep on argue-ing.
Suddenly he say sorry.
Actually i wanna forgive him.
Then he say "I say sorry becos I wan to go to heaven when I die."
I got really mad.
He say sorry becos he want to go to heaven!!!!!
At last He say "I dun wan to lose a fren like you ,pls forgive me."
(Awh, so touching)
So i forgive him.
We became best fren again.

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  1. Friendship is not like the mushrooms which rely on dead woods. In fact, friendship grows in our heart.

    --A smart and sensible word by someone.