Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Dog =[

I am a Dog lover. I love dogs alot. I rare my first dog during 5, and it came in couples. There was a female and a male. And they even got their own names, Champ and Doggy. It has been awesome having them. It always give us a smile when we see them. There are times when they got naughty and bite us. But I remembered we used to dance with them when we were young. I would grab on to their arms
, and started dancing. They are even good dancers. They could stand with only two feet by their own. They then brought in three new puppies to our home. They were cute, some of us got bitten by champ even because we wanted to touch the puppies. It was painful and we hated it. But now I miss that time a whole lot. The puppies did not grew up in our house. My mum gave it away to relatives and one of her friends. Soon, they are all grown up. Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles. But Bubbles passed on. Buttercup and Blossom was soon given away too.

A new female dog came to our house. She came because she was going to give birth to a young one. She gave birth to a cute chubby little black puppy we called Pui Pui. And we named that female dog as 'Mu Gou' as in Female dog. She was the smartest of all. She knew how to open the gate. She knew alot. But one day , she went out. Dog killers were outside, but we do not know about that. She got shot, and passed on. Later on, we gave Pui Pui away. I remembered he had a white mark on his forehead. He's black fur was such smooth I could touch it all day. My siblings does not agree on giving it away, but mum said that we had too many dogs. We cried our hearts out. But she was not revived.

On the year 2009, Champ gave birth once more. This time to a dog new young born, in brown. Champ was still white, with brown spots, a Spitz to be exact. Doggy was black in colour, he had a brown coloured tummy, a Pincher. We played with the new borned a lot, we named it Chubby since it looks real chubby when young.

There's this one day, we changed our gate, to an auto gate. Champ would always chase a newspaper distributor every morning. She hates him alot for some reason. One day, mum was off to work . She closed the gate. When I came down. I noticed nothing, I brought Chubby out for a morning pee. I went in to the house when i heard my neighbor shouting, 'Thomas! Your Dog!' I went out and looked. Champ was dead, her neck got crushed by the Gate. I cried again, to be exact we cried. Dad buried her in his Oil Palm farm.

Time passed, on December 2009, a new family member came to our family. He was Golden brown in colour. Looks just like a Chowchow. We named it Fluffy. He was smart, real smart, and he knows how to get people's attention. Smart, but naughty. A year passed , Chubby and Fluffy grew, so did Doggy, Doggy grew old. The sad thing is, all of them were so naughty , they quarrel everytime they meet. Therefore we build cages for them.

Another year passed, it was a really cold day. They weather was cold. A really cold day compared to the other days in the whole year. Doggy won't move from his cage even when we opened the cage. I carried him out. To let him move around. He moved alittle, he seemed so cold. I asked my sister to take a pail to lay him in it. Cover him with a mat, so he does not feel that cold. Nothing much really happened. He stayed inside the pail for a long time, not getting out. At first, he did not want to eat. But later on, my sister was thrilled when he ate a little. We went back inside, to let him get his rest.

I woke up this morning. 14th of August 2011. I woke up and played the computer. Mum told me that he was dead. I did not cried. But the feeling inside me was terrible. I would cry if i could. But i could not.

Doggy is a special dog, he came to our family at the age of 2, and lived on with us for 12 years. He was black and brown. And a Pincher. He's a great dog, and today , 14th of August, marks the date of his death. May him live well in the other world.

Champ and Mu Gou, are both great dogs too. Therefore, i hoped they would live well, in the other world

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