Saturday, August 27, 2011


Have you ever eaten a mushroom? That cute little stick with a cap on top?

Yea, This mushroom. This skinny little mushroom with a big cap.

I met him, when I decided to help Jet on guiding the Marching Team for Our School's Teen Cadet. I was not a member, In fact I was another uniform society member. But
I decided to help out. One thing about our school, is that BSMM produces the best Commander among students. And I really mean that. I was one of them. I remained my loyalty for three years which eventually after some events, not that loyal, but still loyal to BSMM.

It was around April , when we started our training. I was not aware of their existence. Not even his. I was only aware about their ways of marching, and it does not satisfy me. I started training. He competed in this competition before. But I thought he was a newbie, so I trained him. He was the much obedient one compared to others.

There's this one time when we decided to march on the field. That was probably the first time I noticed him. 'Mushroom' , Jet told me , ' Just call him Mushroom' . I was kind of intrigued by the fact that someone actually has a nickname called mushroom. When I got back home, he added me on FB and I started talking about his nickname, Mushroom , and even made him a new Nickname, Mushroom soup. I was not sure, but I like playing with my team of marchers . I made myself a must to get to know everyone of them. From the first to the last. I can remember their names. Or Rather Nicknames. Everyone loves playing, and seriously hardcore playing which annoyed me sometimes . But he was the one who listens to everything I say.

A few days later, Probably because of my affect, he got himself a BLOG too. The marching went on and on. And we ended the Marching Competition, but we did not get 1st. They were awesome. But just not enough effort put in.

He's the one on the right.

I like him alot. And at the same time of being the commander, I branded my own Club. Leo Club of Nan Hwa. I did not get much recruits, but he got interested and I recruited him as a Leo.

He followed me to his first project, which is the Lioness Convention where we helped out. He did not have any transport, so he stayed at my home. I always tell him, that he is the luckiest member ever, having the chance to sleep in the same room with the president. He never say anything about being lucky. But I think he might just feel the same. I do turning exercises when I sleep, and when I sleep, I turned until I was sleeping next to him and he shouted 'AH!' real loud.

We woke up in the morning and went to that convention by van with 8 other Leos. We reached , and helped out. It was his first time attending a project as a Leo. I could see he had lots of Fun.

I could see his passion towards a club. Therefore I decided to increase his passion. Tell him more about Leo, getting him involved. I joined Photography club , and he was the a.Secretary. On most of the meetings , I would sit right next to him. But my main aim was helping the President of the Club. But still, I sat right next to him.

Club Election for New term of Boards came. He was one of the elected, and withhold a position as a director. I came to help him in gaining passion more.

Some incident happened in the club. Incoming President was no more incoming president and we need a new incoming president. No one wanted. I was not sure whom to pick. He was not the one that I would pick at first. But, after some rejections and some agreement. He agreed to withhold the post. I was not quite convince with his work. But later on, seeing his passion and hard work. I knew I did not choose wrong.

We went on a camp. A buddhist camp to be exact. That camp was awesome. I did not end up in the same group with him. But he was the group behind mine. (Will make a brief update about the camp maybe after trials.) We had our fun. We talked , we danced. Most of the times, we would talk. What makes me feel more convince on his post was because even me myself wrote in Chinese , while he wrote in English when it was time to write what we think about the whole day. I did asked him, 'Why did you wrote in English?' .

All he said was, ' I feel like it'

But I knew that he wanted to work on his English so that he can be a better President.

The camp ended really fast, because it was awesome. We went back home since it was the holidays.

We had another event to attend. I brought him along again. 5in1 Region 4&5 farewell. He followed me, we had our normal chat, and we came back. Again, I could see his Passion.

Sunway Metro Leos formation. This time, I only brought 2 Leos with me, Scott, and Him. We sat in the same row. We had our fun in the bus. The time when we took a video of Scott sleeping. The time when we called Whitney and pranked her. We had our fun. After we reached KL all the way from Sitiawan. My Uncle fetched us to our destination. We was late, but the event was not finished. After the event ended. We walked all the way to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall since it is just a few miles away.

We walked around Sunway Pyramid, and had our lunch and even Dinner there. We walked around aimlessly with the companion of our Lion Marcus. Before this, at the bus station, we changed into our formal Attire, and he dropped his phone on the floor when he changed. And his phone's on button was spoiled. In the mall, we played so much with his phone and he got so desperate , we sat near a corner with a Socket and he started charging his phone. And guess what? He got his phone free because his dad won a lucky draw from buying four tyres. UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT?

We went back to my uncle's house and 3 of us slept in the same room. We had our gay moments. We talked for a really long time and took numerous photos and videos. And me and Scott even forced him to call Whitney.

The next day, we went to another shopping complex with my uncle. They had a few photos too. And after that, we went back home. (Watch the whole Roadtrip !)

I did not go on much projects with him later on, since I'm outgoing sooner or later. But I wanted him to be better, alot more better than me. Therefore, Tiao-ing him happens so often that it happens almost everyday. But he never complains or frustrate about it. He would always listen and take note to what I said.

There are times that push us up so high, and there are also times that bring us down real low. He told me once, ' My Mum apply for transfering her job as a teacher to another school'.

All I replied was ' Do not worry about that, your mum's transferring percentage would not be high. So do not worry at all'.

I was proved wrong when one day, he told me, 'My mum's transfer request got accepted.'

I was depressed. I too can see he was really upset. I told him to think of ways to stay, and he did all he could. Begging, and all sorts of way to let himself stay. But nothing worked.

He had his last project , He and his Board of Directors Installation. He was the one working the most that day. He was over stressed and now everything ended.

We had our farewell for him just now. 14 of us. We went for dinner, chit-chatted and went to Marina Island to walk and have some fun. I hugged him before we left.

His name is Goh Jun Jie, and he is going back to Nibong Tebal in 4 hours time. Maybe it was destined, that he was not able to with hold that position. Maybe it was destined, to not hanging out with me all the time. Maybe it was destined, that he had to eventually move away. But one thing I always tell myself. We make our own destiny. He might not be able to hold on to that position. But one thing is for sure. He will stay in my heart always.

Stay Strong! Come Back to Sitiawan again!

P/S I do hope he cries his ass off , Just for me =']

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  1. This is really a touching post. I'm positive he's probably the best sidekick you'll ever get. All the best to Mushroom! :)