Thursday, June 9, 2011


OMGTIGFHROFLMAO.... THANK YOU READERS!!!! Yea I know , Bad starting, What Oh My God, Bla bla bla, this is gay . Yea This post is specially for my Awesome Readers. Whoever , Wherever, Whenever? Well.... Everyone out there who reads my Blog.

Just to tell you all a Secret, I added the Feedjit thing so i feel satisfied that I have readers reading. =P Pathetic right? Well, Im quite satisfied with the results. Incase you don't know, if you type 'Mok Yee High Cholestrol' Mine is the second link. =D Mine used to be the first link =[ , But no worries, You can make it happen again by reading it again and again and again. SS moments rules =D

Oh ya, Once again, I hereby show you my greatest Gratitude by........

Yes, Writing a thank you word and take a photo of it and upload it on my blog. Don't think too much, its my hand writing. I know, So beautiful handwriting right? OMG SS moments rules!! See , I even use Gold ink.

BTW, Im going for a AWESOME CAMP tomoro, and I'm gonna have to be a vegetarian for 3 days. So Imma not gonna be updating my thoughts of the day. Don't worry, Imma Update it once i'm back.

Oh ya, Thank You So much again, whoever, wherever , Whenever you are, my readers! Im so Grateful I would Smuaks you. Okay, maybe not Smuaks, Maybe A big Hug for you if I meet you.

BTWBTW, I kind of made a Tumblr under Carl's Influence =P. Take a Look if you wanna see it , It got not much thing though. Click =======>>> Cool Webpage

OMGOMG, Once Again! Thank you so much my readers. Plus, I just found out someone doesnt hate me. OMG Im So Happy Imma Cry  Shuffle. Randomies =D

And Lastly, Wait.... not last, Second lastly, Thank you again everyone.
Yea, I think Merci means Thank you. Btw, Can't wait till hours of Meditation and days of vegetarian . =X

And Last But not Least, Now tell me, What are you Happy About Today?

Tell Me, in the Comment Section BELOW
or maybe the chat Box =P

Oh My =D

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  1. Hey, if you really want to thank me, why don't just buy me a present? XD