Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yea! Christmas is coming! And you knw what? Yes! Presents! Snow! AND SANTA! What? Santa doesnt exist? No! He pretty much exist, in all of us, right there. There.... where? there la! Ur heart La! Right in your heart! So if we believe in santa, Santa does exist.

Believe it or not? Our Leo Club, Leo Club of Nan Hwa is going to celebrate Christmas with the Children from the orphanage and with the old Folks too... At manjung Point. Im going to be Santa for that Day! Ive made the christmas tree, and believe it or not, the hard part is done, the only part left is the brain part. Oh well , i'll fixed it by tomoro!

Btw, there's this E-Card i received and i would like all of my Blog Readers to see it! I knw there aren't many blog readers for my blog. But still, i would like to share it with those who actually read this post or maybe the other posts.

Thank you! Have A merry Merry Christmas! E-Card

Have a Nice Day :)

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