Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I usually dun update my blog that frequently which is once a day... But today is an EXCEPTION. Today my friend, Boon Keong ALMOST got KILLed. Well , please read it carefully, Its ALMOST, Not already. So the main point is, he almost died , BUT he didn't.

Today is quite a great day, starting with the BM class and then we went to the hall to participate in a Chinese Ink Writing Competition, also known as ' HUI CHUN'. My writing is SHITTY, but theres a chance that i could win cause my friend Moses Ching, wrote alot of them because he is not satisfied with some of them. And tell you something, the one he is not satisfied is actually a million times better than me. So i asked if i can use his, and he said i can. So there's a possibility that i could get a prize. But it would be FUNNY if i would get a better prize than Moses.

Enough about that, I will now talk about what happen TODAY, in CLASS, during PHYSIC period and when the TEACHER is teaching.

Today, during physics class, i called Boon Keong to sit beside me which is the place of Samuel. Samuel went out, so he just sat beside me. Pn Siew is busy teaching , while me and Boon Keong is busy TALKING. We were busy talking about hating what and what incident happen and bla bla bla. When suddenly i stopped, and laid on my chair, preparing to listen to the teacher teaching for she is going to teach us how to count some things. Boon Keong then lay on the desk having a nap. While suddenly an Unidentified Flying OBECT which is in blue. FLEW past BOON KEONG's HEAD, and it was about TWO INCH higher only. Then it hit the wall, and we could see clearly that it is a WATER BOTTLE, which is called a SPACE BOTTLE if im not wrong.

The SOUND of the BOTTLE hitting the WALL is so loud that everyone could hear it. But not even a CRACK on that bottle. Imagine that hitting BOON KEONG if BOON KEONG wasnt having a NAP. THAT NAP ACTUALLY SAVE HIM!!!

Then the PSYCHO stand up and scolded us, 'I've given you the first warning, you make me do this.' DAMN that PSYCHO scolding us and throwing UFO at us for no reason. We did not do anything. Even the teacher thought we did something , and asked us what did we do. I'm pretty sure everyone think that we did something.

We just answered the teacher. We did nothing, and Boon Keong said that he was having a
NAP. I could see that the teacher didn't trust us fully , but who cares. Im not going to fuss over that small matter. BUT im really pissed off of what that PSYCHO did. Then i found out that someone was throwing BOMBS at him, which is PAPER being wrapped into a BALL SHAPED. Speaking of 'NO DIRECTION' , that psycho cant even estimate who threw him and which direction it is thrown. Me , Samuel, always get scolded, yet today, he almost MURDER Boon Keong. If he Killed Boon Keong, i will never FORGIVE him, ever.


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