Friday, January 22, 2010


I believe everyone out there have their own dream. A dream is like a compass, it directs me to the place i wan to go, and things i want to do. The change of my dream will change the place i wan to explore , my life and even my thinking. Some dreams are good, some are bad. But i believe that as long as you have a dream, it's already good enough.

I have alot of dreams and i will make a list of it

  • Become a physicsict
  • Invent a Time Machine
  • Become a Biochemist
  • Become an Engineer
  • Create new animals that is the same as Pokemon
  • Rear an eagle
  • Rear Wolves
  • Rear All Kind of dogs especially husky
  • Rear Tigers
  • Rear Lions
  • Tame ferocious animals
  • Went back in time and come back again normally
  • Revive the dinosaurs
  • Getting the Nobel Prize
  • Come back to Malaysia and change the Goverment to make the students study the world history instead of Malaysia history only

Thats all that i could think for now, I will update it by the time i remember.