Sunday, September 20, 2009

Siviks mark

It's been a few days since i knew that my sivic's mark is wrong. The thing is that my sivic's teacher, Puan Majariah, has got denggi fever and i knew it after a few days of looking for her. I was quite disapointed for my sivic's marks is about 30-50+ marks wrong. that's why i went to look for Puan Fatimah, all she did was saying tat it is too late to change my mark.and bla bla bla. This is actually because they are lazy.

I went home and told my mum about it. She says to ask Puan Fatimah again. The next day i went to school. I did not care about Puan Fatimah and went straight for the principal. But unfortunate of me, he didnt come to school. So i go on to look for the assistant principal. Well she really is a pain in the butt. Not only she did not give me back my marks. She even go round the office telling the teachers. I can't control my emotion and i cant even think of something . But Boon Keong and Kuan Yong stood right by me. Boon Keong even asnwered her that 40 marks is not a small amount. Still she goes around telling the other teacher that i cannot change my marks. I was really angry so i told them to leave. We left and after a while i met my sister at the canteen. She ask me what happen since i control my emotion i kind of look like im crying. She said she'd call my mum. But her phone has no more money left. So i went off with some sen i borrowed from Kuan Yong and called my mum using the public phone. After telling my mum what happen she said that she willl go to the school. So i went back to class, hoping that there are still hope.

When school ends, i rushed out of school and ended up in my car. My mum told me that she has fixed the problem and the teachers are willing to give me back my marks. And the assistant principal told my mother the opposite of what she told me. Something like ' We should give back the marks to the student' and ' If it is me i will get back the marks too' What and ass hole.

I guess my mum has become a hero to me, and to some of my friends too.

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